Sunday, February 15, 2009

Arabic speaker?

I really, really want to know what they are talking about in that second video! And who is that guy with glasses?

If you are an Arabic speaker, please leave a comment in that section explaining what they are talking about. Thank you so much!

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  1. I skimmed the videos: The first was removed from youtube. The second video seems to be a glorification this young man Taha who talks about string theory. El Naschie is speaking well of the young man and is calling for someone to mentor him. They are both dropping terms all over the place.

  2. The third is a TV program about this Taha, again in full hero worship. They are discussing his struggle to learn physics even though he is a student in accounting. They call his first book a surprise. The whole show is brimming with pride of this young man and a call for mentorship of this young "Einstein".

  3. It's strange that the first video, the El Naschie one, disappeared. I have replaced it with a different link to the same video. And I have downloaded it in case this one also disappears.