Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blogger Plaint

The image (click for bigger) is Frieda Kahlo's The Broken Column (1944). It's spectacularly horrifying, isn't it?

For some reason, only the first five posts seem to appear, suddenly. This is not what I want. In fact, it's infuriating, since I put quite a lot of work into some of the images, like the computer game one (I hope you liked it). God, Blogger sucks. If I had been aware of the sheer magnitude of the broken suckage I wouldn't have created a blog column at all. Pardon my whining. Damnit.

I doubt I can fix this behavior, so you'd better navigate over in the "Blog Archive" on the left if you want to see ones no longer on the front page.

Thank you all for your replies!

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  1. I can see all posts at the front page, maybe it is about your browser or something. I noticed a strange behaviour, the number of comments is given as "n 25 comments", that is a bit strange, e.g. here I can see "0 25 comments". Another thing: would you check back at and see the new comments? There is the idea to maintain a sockpuppet list and verifiy/falsify the identities and affiliations of them. Some sockpuppets even wrote papers, Mohamed El-Naschie didn't invented the art of sockpuppetry after the blogsphere got interested in his case. Somehow that was a thing we could know before, I guess. Particularly in the case of Ayman El-Okaby who wrote two pure El-Naschie papers, and says he is from Alexandria University, Dept. of Physics, somebody will call the dean and the department head to ask about that guy.

  2. Ok Klikensei, Danke vielmals -- I will check on it right away!

  3. I have spent hours trying to read any comments beyond the first 9 or prior to the last 9 but am completely unable. Even tried other browsers. Tried registering on SCIAM and entering a couple of test comments. Tried using other computer, too.

    I would be very grateful if you could either send me a link to a page containing all 450 comments, or alternatively sending me an email with all that text in a flat file. Either way, if you get me the info, I'll post it with my green color coding (or maybe just extract the text... which do you like better?) to highlight the parts that are particularly sockpuppetish, pro El Naschie, or merely funny. :) Sorry!

  4. Somebody explained that Ayman El-Okaby really exists. He is supposed to be a phd student of El-Naschie. The source is 100% sure that the comments repeated over and over again signed with his name can by no way be written by him, because his English wouldn't suffice. The style of writing matches totally that of El-Naschie, though. El-Okaby, a living sockpuppet if you want to take it that way.