Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Deleted Wikipedia Entry on El Naschie

(Part II is here. Part III is here.)

Here is the Wikipedia entry for E infinity theory that went down the tubes:
E infinity theory is a fractal cosmology model made by M. S. El Naschie beginning in 1994. This models a harmonic production of quarks and elementary particles through a golden section centered Cantorian fractal spacetime.

The crucial step in E infinity formulation was to identify the stormy ocean-like behavior of quantum spacetime with vacuum fluctuation and using the mathematical tools of non-linear dynamics, complexity theory, and chaos. In particular, the geometry of chaotic dynamics, namely fractal geometry, is reduced to its quintessence, (i.e., Cantor sets) and employed directly in the geometrical description of the fluctuation of the vacuum.

E infinity theory admits formally infinite-dimensional ‘‘real’’ spacetime. However this infinity is hierarchical in a strict mathematical way and is able to show that although E infinity has formally infinitely many dimensions, seen from a distance, i.e., at low resolution or equivalently at low energy, it mimics the appearance of a four-dimensional spacetime manifold which has only four dimensions. Thus, the four dimensionality is a probabilistic statement, a so-called expectation value. It is remarkable that the Hausdorff dimension of this topologically four dimensional-like ‘‘pre’’ manifold is also a finite value equal to the cube of golden mean (4,236….

And here is the Wikipedia discussion about the deletion:

I don't know how wiki administrators lestin to any jealous or malicious person. you should investigate by yourself about what faragali said. all of what he said is completely wring and just some lies. prof. el naschie main contributions are in the field of chaos and fractals so it is more convenient for his papers to be published in Chaos, solitons and fractals. he also has some papers published in other journals. if you want to delete the article delete it immediately without putting this deletion marks which is considered as an insult to Prof. el naschie. insulting famous and respected people like that is punishable by law and Prof. el naschie is going to take a legal actions if you don't stop that. he wants you to delete the article because he is well known without wikipedia, he doesn't need wikipedia to be known. i created the article for him and unfortunately cannot delete it. can you please delete el naschie article which i created? thank you. Nasr2000

The user Nasr2000 isulted me very much at my page in the wikipedia. This mean for me that he has weak situation. The user Nasr2000 didnot show any scientific evidence which can support his defence about M.S. El Naschie. So Please delete this article from wikipedia faragali.

The deleted E Infinity Theory article had a link to a (now also deleted) article on El Naschie, which was basically just the front-page information from El Naschie's site.

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