Monday, February 9, 2009

Did Baez and Distler succumb to legal threats?

I am copying some of the comments I made at Sbseminar over to this blog. They prefer not to be the go-to guys on matters El Naschie, and I'm happy in the role, so it works out nicely.

John Baez’s

has disappeared! Did El Naschie intimidate him with legal threats?

I have emailed El Naschie and asked what institution gave him his full professorship and whether he is still a full professor.

By the way I am still on the edge of my seat waiting to hear what happened to John Baez’s El Naschie page which appears to have vanished down a black hole without any comment from John! WTF?! Were El Naschie’s lawyers involved, as seems likely? He’s apparently a millionaire many times over and so able to afford scary lawyers. Still, if that’s what happened, I admit to being disappointed in John, who got off to such a good principled start calling garbage garbage.

Oh my God, did The Great Man’s lawyers frighten Jacques Distler as well? Jacques had said:

So, let me review (as best as I can understand).

1. We have a crackpot.
2. Said crackpot is editor of a journal — possibly, at one time, a journal which carried serious work, but now entirely given over to publishing crackpottery.
3. Said journal is published by a well-known, if somewhat evil, publishing house.

1) is not terribly shocking. There are plenty of crackpots, and we mostly just try to ignore them.
2) is also not terribly shocking. There are a number of examples of formerly respectable journals, which now publish mostly sludge. In this case, it’s not clear to me that Chaos, Solitons, and Fractals was ever really respectable. At best, we’ve seen some evidence that — in its early days — some respectable people were not-yet aware that it was ill-advised to publish there.
3) is the most serious bit. If Elsevier were not evil, would we proceed differently?

This is now not to be found on Distler’s site! What the hell is going on!

God, I hope Baez and Distler have some explanation besides lack of testicular fortitude. Hopefully I’ve misunderstood, or overlooked something. Come on John and Jacques, tell us why your El Naschie criticisms went down a black hole.

For the record, here (from kinclong2) is what John said before it disappeared:...

Update: I have moved and extended the John Baez material and provided a new place for it in the post above.

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