Sunday, February 8, 2009

El Naschie Link Roundup

I'll add interesting El Naschie links to this post as I find them, so check back from time to time.

El Naschie's Homepage. Check out the photos section showing him rubbing shoulders with various Nobel Prize winners.

El Naschie's email address (and that of his journal):

Jan 2008 Chaos, Solitons and Fractals. Check out several of El Naschi's papers and form your own opinion.

The Nature article. El Naschie didn't like this.

Sbseminar: L’affaire El Naschie.

Backreaction: Chaos, Solitons and Self-Promotion.

Kinclong2. This is important as the only surviving trace of John Baez's criticism of El Naschie.

Jatkesha's world. This is the only place I've found that has the now-deleted Wikipedia article on El Naschie.

El Naschie on Youtube.

Nonoscience: Publishing over 300 Papers (ab)using Editorial Power?

Nonoscience: El Naschie Update and Peer Review.

Derek Lowe: Publish Your Work The Easy Way.

Fawning, softball interview.

Slashdot: Crackpot Scandal In Mathematics.

Betrug in der Wissenschaft (Fraud in science), in Zeit Online.

Fxqi forum. Defenders and detractors slash at one another.

Scientific American: Using Causality to Solve the Puzzle of Quantum Spacetime. See if you can identify the sock puppets!

Thanks to Zaki for these great new links!

Discussion in the comments on Peter Woit's blog Not Even Wrong: Short Bits

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  1. Please also see the article in the German press (ZEIT magazine). The sockpuppetry in the comments section is worthwhile and hilariously complementing the signatures El-Naschie left elsewhere. In addition, even Otto Rössler was giving a comment there! (the guy who made it into press with world end visions in connection to the Large Hadron Collider)

  2. Haha thanks for posting that! There is 24-carat comedy gold there. :) A post devoted to sock puppets is almost screaming to be written.

  3. The cool thing is, that "Otto Rössler" immediately sees a connection to El-Naschie being a supporter of the German-Israelian relationship/friendship and wonders if his character assassination has something to do with that O.o (what?? by the way) Implicitly and quite directly Mohammed El-naschie asks people (through the puppets) if they would act the same way if he were not Muslim or foreigner. There he got us.. we hoped nobody found out.. crap.


  5. Awsome, KG thank you for pointing out the link!

  6. El naschie is an extreme example of pseudo
    scintist, who has his own journal CSF. Maybe in the future, he will have his own institute for pseudo science. Who knows???

    I hope this blog will contribuate in uncovering his reality.

  7. I would like from people psting comments here
    to post it also in

    That would more exciting because they will receive direct response of El naschie and his sock puppets.

  8. From

    In this concluding comment, I am going to show in a rigorous mathematical language that El Nashie is isomorphic to a "Bad Theoretical Physicist" according to tHoof definition and criteria .

    Thooft criteria are:

    1-It is much easier to become a bad theoretical physicist than a good one. I know of many individual success stories.

    El- For sure El Naschie is one of those stories.

    2- Compare yourself with Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Paul Dirac.

    El- This happened in many occasions. In his 60th
    birthday celebration in China one reads in the preface of the proceeding dedicated to him the following:
    “Our Chinese Scientists on Nonlinear Dynamics are in infinite love and admiration to both the man and his science.”

    “Treading the path of El Naschie, we gather together to celebrate the century’s greatest scientist after Newton and Einstein, and share his greatest achievement.”

    One can find more on the following link:

    3- You may consider the option of connecting your work with mystery topics such as telepathy and consciousness.

    EL- This is one of El Naschie' papers.
    The brain and E-Infinity

    Published in International journal of nonlinear sciences and numerical simulation volume:7,issue: 2, pages:129-132 and published in the year 2006

    Abstract: This short letter, in fact, this short telegram is mainly intended to point out a recent and quite unexpected realization that E-Infinity space time (E-infinity) theory (M. S. El Naschie,Chaos, Soliton & Fractals, 29 pp. 209-236 2004) could be of a considerable help in deciphering one of the greatest secrets and
    impenetrable questions of our own existence, namely what is consciousness and how
    does it relate to the brain(G. M. Edelman. Consciousness. Penguin Books, London,2000).

    4- Make outrageous claims of having solved long standing problems.

    EL- El Naschie claims to have solved: Confinement, Quantum Gravity, Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, explained the number of elementary particles, the value of all gauge couplings..and many other things...

    5-The bad theoretical physicist, in anticipation, names his own equations and effects, and even his entire theories, after himself right away.

    EL- Feynman-El Naschie Hypothesis, El Naschie local coherence...etc

    6- Try to overshout all your critics, and have your work published anyway. If the well-established science media refuse to publish your work, start your own publishing company and edit your own books.

    EL- El Naschie founded Chaos Solitons and Fractals journal and has to do with the one in China.

    7- Your next step should be to advertise your work. Your reputation may have caused the xxx ArXives and Wikipedia to refuse your submissions.

    EL- El Naschie has been black-listed in xxx ArXives for affiliation arrogating ( forging).( More detail can
    be found in (

    8- You have convinced your friends at your local bar, your family, your pizza vendor, your dog, and even a local radio station of the superiority of your theory.

    El- Mohamed El Naschie answers a few questions about this month's new hot paper in the field of Engineering. In addition, Dr. El Naschie gives an audio interview about his work.

    This is can be found in: MohamedElNaschie.html

    Beside many interviews and TV shows in Egyptian channels.

    9- But then there are those few physicists such as one bloke called Gerardus 't Hooft, who shamelessly have pointed out to you that your theory is nonsense! Should you take them seriously? Of course not. Don't even try to show them the details of your derivations,
    which you forgot anyway and you might not be able to reproduce on the spot. Here is what you do to establish your reputation forever: JUST GIVE THEM HELL. Compare those obnoxious puppets of the establishment with nazis and threaten them with law suits. That'll teach them.

    El- This is can be easily seen from his comments in different blogs.

    10- Lastly, we ask El Naschie to measure his John Baez index or crackpot index mentioned in tHooft web page. ( of course don't confuse this with Atiyah-Singer or Witten index....

    I think with the above ten commands we have shown in an itrefutable way that El Naschie is in one to one correspondence with the criteria of a BAD THEORETICAL PHYSICIST.

    Congratulations for being a champ!

  9. From
    dor at 09:11 AM on 01/25/09

    It is really a sad thing to see all these attacks on the person of EL Naschie and indeed for ungrounded reasons. I have been following several internet blogs in which one finds unprecedented criticisms and attacks on one' works. I must say that I have a real sympathy for El Nashcie case and feel that it is a moral duty for me to rise my voice up and speak. El Naschie case is very similar to string theory case in many respects. Back in the early '70s, the Italian physicist, Daniele Amati reportedly said that string theory was part of 21st-century physics that fell by chance
    into the 20th century. The same thing can be said about El Naschie " He is a 22ed century mind that fell by chance into the 20 and
    21st century". Indeed the story of El Naschie and his E-infinity, fractal space..etc reminds me of the Boltzamn struggle with the physicists of his time to convince them of his atomicity theory, and which, as we all know, ended by his celebrated suicide. El Naschie today is struggling (in vain) to convince people of the
    powerfulness of his theory in predicting all the constants of nature and providing simple, but deep, answers to the most subtle questions of nature, like "the confinement". The only thing that is missing to make the case of El Naschie match Boltzman case is the suicide event. Indeed it would be another historical event if El Naschie commits a suicide as a consequence of the depression that he has been led to by the contemporary physicists . Therefore I strongly suggest that prof El Naschie commit a suicide and show to the physics community that he believes in his theory to the point of committing suicide to defend it.

    Below I list some ideal places where prof El Naschie could commit his suicide. The places
    are all historical and memorable.

    In Egypt , He can chose among the following famous places:

    - The Great Pyramid of Giza (Note that this is one of Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.)

    - Cairo tower .

    - Salah Eddeen castle in Cairo ( He may be remembered later as hero like Salah Eddeen).

    In England where he frequently spends his summer, he may chose among:
    - Big Ben
    - Hyde Park.

    The best alternative in my view would be to go to Duino in Itlay and commit his suicide near the grave of Boltzman. This will make his name eternally linked to Boltzman name. We may write the Golden number formula on his grave, like
    the entropy formula on Boltzman' grave.

    I think after his suicide El Naschie will definitely achieve the fame and celebrity that he could not achieve alive.

  10. From

    I think that Elsevier is doing dirty jobs in scientific publishing. The CSF journal is owned by Elnaschie and Elsevier is getting money out of this apart from the journal subscription fees. El naschie pays for getting credibility of Elsevier and to have the chance to publish his great scientific ideas in journal hosted by a supposed reputable publishing house like Elsevier. There are other many similar cases in Elsevier.

    El naschie keeps publishing junks in CSF for a quite long time and kept unnoticed by mentoring system of Elsevier which seems very odd. While it was so obvious from the far beginning that we have a crackpot.

    The same applies to Cambridge university which allowed him to publish his articles for nearly ten years 1993-2001 using its affiliation, while, for sure, he wasn╝t a staff member there. It is far from reality to imagine that people in Cambridge have been fooled for that long time. According to the following data base

    One can find:

    17 articles where the affiliation is DAMTP, Cambridge, UK.

    72 articles where the affiliation is Dept. of Appl. Math. & Theor. Phys., Cambridge Univ., UK

    40 articles where the affiliation is Univ of Cambridge.

    No prize for one who guesses at which journal those articles have been published.

    It is not enough for Elsevier just to step down Elnaschie , they should explain how these things happened and what their future precautions to prevent such a misusing of editorial power.

    On the other side, Cambridge people should explain how it was possible for El naschie to use its affiliation for a quite long time, harming their reputation without charging him and any legal action.

    The papers of El naschie would be a permanent black record for both Elsevier and Cambridge for too long time in the future.

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