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El Naschie Biography

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Here's the most complete, and the weirdest, biography of El Naschie I've ever seen. The English in what follows is poor because It's a machine translation from an Arabic Web page.

El Naschie: a new revolution in physics

A long journey full of successes and accomplishments, and obstacles as well. Egypt, where it grew to the top of the nature of the Solvay Institute, Belgium, crossed thousands of miles. Associated with life on his country .. Egypt, after the July Revolution changed the conditions of his family, where his father retired as an officer of his army, and his mother decided to bring his older brother in his State of Kuwait, and here his father felt the need to travel and his son is five years for Germany to complete his education there. The sudden decision of his father, against the will of him, This was not the only thing to do our famous Dr. Mohamed Salah El Naschie, the non-desire, the father also insisted that his son join the Faculty of Engineering, at a time when the future is the same view of the future artist.

The march of scientific

His father was not tired to repeat the phrase: "to become either an engineer or to become a donkey, and lightly marked his blood and I can not say I want to be a donkey, I joined the Faculty of Engineering, had refused to fully convinced that art and literature are not only a hobby, and should not for them to be more than that.

Once again, his father forced him to abandon the study of architecture, which he, rather than death in the study of art and literature, asking him to study civil engineering.

EL NASCHIE STUDIED CIVIL ENGINEERING WITH HAMAS, and after graduating from the University of Hanover in Germany in 1968, he served nearly three years in some of the companies working in the design of streets and bridges that the teacher spoke to him on completion of the prescriber academic study, to be in America, responded El Naschie, but decided to go to England rather than America, and there on the course of the study to study Structural Engineering Applied Mechanics. Has been mired in this science in search of the grounds on which it is, to receive a master's degree and doctorate in the discipline of the University of London.

Chaos led to the Nobel Prize

Action El Naschie lecturer at the University of London after receiving a doctorate degree, including a two-year, then traveled to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who is a teacher at the University of Riyadh, and general manager of the projects the National Center for Science and Technology for a term of four years, which he was able to obtain a Master's degree, and from there traveled to the United States TO JOIN THE WORK IN THE LOS ALAMOS LABS, and was out of the area around the beginning of engineering, where he started interest in nuclear science ... In the meantime, a new science called "chaos" or chaos, which is aware of the rules taught in the sports and physical applications of random models.

El Naschie found himself in thrall to a new science, and decided that under consideration before joining the University of New Mexico to work as professor extraordinary for a period of two years, after which the work of Cornell University professor, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics. El Naschie specialization in the study of "chaos specific", and in this period corresponded with the British Sir Herman, who was given the opportunity to attend prestigious University of Cambridge, UK. Was appointed to the Cambridge is easy, where they met many difficulties, especially since the basic engineering competence, and more than 99% of the workers in his section of the natural scientists, making him feel alienated.

However, under the determination and desire not to let down the man appointed by the department, although it is a Muslim and an Egyptian, named Mohammed, began to know what is around him, where more than 100 scientists working on the so-called theory of (super-strings), the theory aims to unify the theory of relative with the quantum theory at the level of knowledge of mechanics and the atom. The surprise is that his study of engineering and science of chaos has often Ovadoh in this area now known as high-energy particle physics.

There has El Naschie that his name carved in golden letters, where he was able, after many experiments and research to correct some errors and scientific concepts, which participants are the general theory of relativity to Einstein, the famous and the integration of theory with quantum theory and the theory of one, called the theory of the "common core of power."

El Naschie has been working as professor, Department of mathematics and theoretical nature of the University of Cambridge in Britain for 11 years, which has succeeded in establishing the first scientific journal in the non-linear science and applications of nuclear science, and this magazine published in three countries: America, England and the Netherlands.

Aware of the chaos (chaos) in brief

Have the word "chaos" Chaos in the year 700 BC, the Greek poet Hsaiod first by saying: "In the beginning was chaos, nothing but chaos and outdoor leisure and unlimited, where the use of the floor to become an expression of the characteristic of the unwanted chaos. Defines" chaos "in the dictionaries that the language disorder or uproar. The reference defines scientific chaos that is synonymous with unwanted random randomness. The cross of the American writer Henry Adams (1918-1858) on the scientific meaning of the Shawash eloquently in saying:" chaos often breeds life, while order breeds habit system. "

The scientists spotted scientific phenomena occur many unexpected significant results, in spite of the small example, so that prediction (or forecasting) the results of behavior itself becomes useless. For example, billiard balls, which we can not predict the exact time when the direction of three of them.

In nature, many of the examples, for example, in the year 1889 award was established by the King of Norway to answer an important question, which is: Is the solar system stable or not?

The Bwankar solution and won the prize. However, a colleague discovered the error in some accounts;, prompting organizers of the award granting Bwankar given six months to address the issue so that the right to retain the prize. But was unsuccessful for a solution, but a changed view of the results of the universe accepted the inevitable, which leads to the pure Newton's theories of sports. The Bwankar in the search that the laws of Newton do not offer any solution to predict the movements of the sun, the moon and the earth, and found that slight differences in the movement of these celestial variations occur in the tracks of an enormous and challenging events the final state predictions.

Benefited Edward Lorentz Edward Lorenz Bwankar of mathematics to provide a simplified mathematical model of the weather system, which enable the detection rates of change in temperature and wind speed. These results have shown the result of a complex behavior of simple equations; which refers to the final content of the theory of chaos, that the premises could lead to a simple behavior is complex. Elia Brigojin also conducted additional research, the research led to the concepts of "balance" equilibrium and "the balance after the" far-from-equilibrium in order to describe the state of the system, saying conditions on the dimension of the balance, which leads to the behavior of the opposite of the behavior expected by the scientific interpretation of the familiar, has been found The phenomena of self-organization and complexity arising from the balanced systems when they are subject to disturbance. The step of these studies led to the theory of complexity / chaos, which shows how the system generates chaos (chaos) in the thermal and chemical systems, as well as in living systems.

Receiveing Briggugen Ilya Ilya Prigogin Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1977. The pilot informed Briggugen Entropy entropy taught in open systems, which means the exchange of matter and energy and information between these systems and their environment. Briggugen have used the concept of "structures wasteful" dissipative structures in order to indicate the possibility of the emergence of complex brown brown simpler system and emerge from the chaos (chaos).

Finally, we can say that were not the theory of "chaos" the law, as is the case in science thermodynamics or quantum physics, but it enabled the researchers to analyze the actions and overlapping regulations.

New revolution in physics

El Naschie of the large number of research published in international scientific journals have important applications in the fields of physics, nuclear physics, Aljsmyat, I have the American mathematician more than a hundred of his research work in the research, while the average number of research by the same magazine for any of the scientists no more than twenty search , which prompted scientists won the Nobel Prize in physics for his nomination more than once to win the same prize.

El Naschie research has brought a revolution in the fields of science, including the science of atomic science and nanotechnology, which is studying in the region confined between the science of atomic and chemical sciences, and also used the U.S. space agency, "NASA" in some research applications. Recently, the Center for Theoretical Physics at the University of Frankfurt, Germany, which The most famous is the largest research centers in Europe natural distinguished professor honored for his role in the development of the theory called the terminology used "Elzimkan Cantor break" in relation to the world the German George Cantor.

This theory has provided El Naschie limit values of the constants in the universe of natural attractions such as the fixed-General, as well as Alkahromagnatisp fixed. His theory El Naschie in an attempt to unify all the forces of nature in a single law, which is a generalization of the theory of relativity, Albert Einstein.

The theory reveals El Naschie revealed that there was a single four known fundamental forces in nature, the forces of gravity and electric forces and magnetic forces in addition to nuclear power.

It took the work of this theory El Naschie 15 years, but has not yet published and is only 4 years.

Were also honored at the University of Hyderabad in India, and was nominated by his teacher the late Dr. Eliane Bokoger for the Nobel Prize twice, as the honored award Egypt State discretion.

The world famous Muhammad Salah El Naschie now Solvay Foundation professor of chemistry and the nature of the Free University of Brussels, Belgium, and a visiting professor at six universities in the world, between the Universities of Cairo and Mansoura University in Egypt.

El Naschie describes himself as live Rouhin body has one, the spirit of literary and philosophical spirit of scientific engineering, although his passion for knowledge of nature since childhood, grew up also loving the art and literature in all its forms, as has been reading books on philosophy, painting, listening to music.

El Naschie speaks fluent Arabic, and writes poetry, loves to read, favorite book is The Al-Marri, Taha Hussein and Tawfiq Al-Hakim, also a theater of the absurd that he loves and whom UNESCO and Beckett. Was his wish to become a writer, director, film or theater. Perhaps this was the announcement of his decision and his desire to write full-time high in the near future ... As the only Arabic writing.

El Naschie and a number of scientific literature in the areas of specialization, all written in English. In addition to the above, Dr. El Naschie passionate about sport, a hobby, namely the ice-skating, so it is keen to go to Germany every year for practice.

Private life

Dr. El Naschie is married and has two daughters, Shirin first examine the architecture and the University of Leeds UK, the second is Sonia, has specialized in the study of veterinary medicine. , As well as the two brothers are in the field of scientific El Naschie Dr. Omar Director of the Institute of Seismology, United States of America, the world famous El Naschie Saeed in Chemical Engineering, University of Alabama America.

In spite of the exile, for, still stick to our tradition of Islam, the Galilee and belonging to his homeland where he was raised, it is the view of life in Sofia, is the real progress is the human progress and technological progress is not.

It is his views: "Science without wisdom, without the brain, such as muscle, it degrades the humanity."

And treatment is that the appreciation of literature and religion is next to the flag side by side. Often feared that his children grow up in an environment that recognizes the obscenity. In this framework recognizes that the transition from the United States to Europe after he spent several years the largest universities came from the desire. As he says: "In spite of the Media Department distinguishes the American people, and they are less arrogance of the peoples of Europe, which boasts Baractha, and that they accept the spirit of open foreigners from Europe ... they are different at the same time, education for their children pornography. The decision to return to Europe to be a springboard for our return once again to Egypt. " It also says that he himself is no on in Europe, where his father was to instil patriotism since he was a boy.

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