Saturday, February 28, 2009

He has my... respect, of a sort

My friend Martin Klicken, speaking of El Naschie, tells me with grudging admiration "He is good".

Yes. I know what Martin means. El Naschie's a master of intimidation. When he "disappears" something, he's pretty good at cleaning out the caches too. And finally, somewhat mysteriously, the parties whose material he "disappears" refuse to say anything about it!

The unflattering DIE ZEIT article about El Naschie is down. Dead link.

Martin suggested I return to the SCIAM article and look at the latest comments. When I blogged the comments in full there were 450 I think; and this time they were up to 471. Found entries like these (green means pro-El Naschie):

D. Baron at 11:28 AM on 02/27/09 Yes you are right. It is time that the arab world and the western world reach each others the hands and understand the gifts offered to them. El Naschie is a saviour and it is not happening all the time that a man of his kind is born to bring peace and progress and prosperity to the world. He even is willing to suffer from the envy of other people. At the end, even a nobel prize for peace could be acceptable.

K. Schmidtses at 08:15 PM on 02/26/09 I expected it but I still cannot believe it. First John Baez and his n-Category Caf? disappears into thin air and now Christopher Dosser and his infamous article in Die Zeit against El Naschie has also disappeared. Never the less, there is a method to their madness. They have caused havoc to Elsevier and must have hurt the feelings of El Naschie and his family. Imagine anyone reading these things about his father or his brother. There has to be somebody behind all of that. There are always some allegations here and there and nobody is immune, be it Einstein or Barack Obama. However the magnitude of madness, stupidity and perversity in this case is unusual. There has to be someone behind it all. Who is ready to spend so much time and money to create blogs devoted to watching El Naschie? [evidently about yours truly - Ed] The expression All El Naschie- all the time is reminiscent, in fact identical to the slogan of Al Jazeera Arab satellite station, English  All news, all the time and I guess therefore that some Arabs are behind all this defamation. On the other hand the whole thing started with the article of Renate Loll. There are many comments on this English site, written in German. Many people confuse German and Dutch. But Dr. Renate Loll is not Dutch, she is German. She moved from a Max Planck Institute near Berlin to Utrecht . She is a reasonably well known scientist. Never the less I cannot see her doing all that on her own. She could not induce a well established leading periodical like Nature, nor for that matter a weekly newspaper with the prestige of Die Zeit to write defamatory articles against Prof. Mohamed El Naschie. That is unless she has the backing of somebody who is a heavy weight. I am afraid this somebody could be only one person which is Nobel laureate Gerrard tHooft. He did something similar many years ago against some of his colleagues and even his own teacher, Veltman. But this would not do either because Mohamed El Naschie and Gerrard tHooft are true friends, both scientifically and socially. It is clear they enjoy each others company or they would not spend so much time together travelling around the world. It is really strange and unsettling. I agree with some who have said that this site should also disappear and that we should all forget the whole matter, following the German idiom  sponge over it.

They don't like me.

Zeigrid G. at 03:05 PM on 02/26/09 Like rats, all these puppets and sub-puppets are abandoning the sinking defamation ship. Please search for the article in Die Zeit written by this Christopher Dosser, diplom mathematic extraordinaire but don't be astonished when you cant find it. It all disappeared from the blog of Die Zeit. There is surely a very good reason for that. A respectable weekly newspaper like Die Zeit cannot afford trash. I do not know who Christopher Dosser is but as mathematicians like to say&.. if he exists& then as the German say, the apple never falls far from the tree or is this an English saying? I think it is universal, and all Chancellors of Germany present and past are ashamed from what this Dosser has written. Germany has produced the Nazi physics but they also produced Heisenberg, Heine and much, much more. I hope they will be forgiven that now and then the quality control goes wrong and one finds Hitler and Herr Dosser.


Martin Luther King at 01:39 PM on 02/24/09
You are a puppet with a doctorate and sign as Martin Klicken [please note -- Ed] of some university in Berlin. Curious and more curious. It is getting very curious indeed even for Alice in Wonderland. You are writing what appears to be German with an Austrian sound. At least old fashioned but without old fashioned good manners. Maybe you are Dutch. No offense for the Dutch people. But why should a German who is a puppet at a University in Berlin undertake so much work free of charge translating everything written in English about El Naschie into Arabic? Aha insight! You mean you want to blackmail Mohamed El Naschie. But again why should a puppet with a name Martin in Germany who studies Theater, be interested in Science at all and read Scientific American? Maybe it is like Pinocchio  a little puppet which comes to life and wants to be useful so it starts to talk. Wow! It talks and then it wants to study science and what could be better than translating this garbage from English into Arabic. Very convincing indeed! Bye.

And they don't like Martin Klicken, either.

We've been having quite a few laughs at "Professor" El Naschie's expense (not that he can't afford them). But suddenly I'm not laughing anymore.

I admit it. I'm afraid. Only a little, but I feel it; and I am starting to regret dissing Distler and Baez (as when I said "God, I hope Baez and Distler have some explanation besides lack of testicular fortitude.") for pulling their stuff.

For the record, Distler and Baez have not responded to my email asking them about El Naschie dealings. If anyone knows anything about it, please email me.

About the graphic. Before I explain please remember that Germany's got the largest population and the biggest economy in the EU. It's not a trivial third world target. Now look what El Naschie's accomplished.

He started his life's Game Level 1 by hoodwinking local rubes into thinking he is a great scientist, deserving of a Nobel. He moved on to Game Level 2 by bullying bloggers so thoroughly that they are afraid to answer your emails. By going after DIE ZEIT, though, he's going global. That's the eyeball thing. He somehow skipped straight to Game Level 17. Disproportionately many of those who follow my blog are German, and they know what I mean. DIE ZEIT is Germany's largest weekly newspaper, with a circulation of millions. (correction: readership over 2 million; circulation half a million.) THEY BACKED DOWN. Holy shit. Is this blog not such a good idea?

I know things about the DIE ZEIT disappearance that I am not yet free to blog.

محمد النشائي El Naschie Watch محمد النشائي El Naschie News محمد النشائي
محمد النشائي All El Naschie All The Time محمد النشائي


  1. By the way one can find the german article in the site
    you can upload the article from the comment due to Gm wrote on Jan. 29, 2009 @ 11:36 GMT.

  2. There is a German discussion going on here about the disappearing ZEIT article:
    ثمة نقاش الألماني يجري هنا عن مادة زيت تختفي
    Title: Wissenschaftsjournalismus und Pressefreiheit - Feigheit bei der Zeit
    (Science journalism and press freedom - ZEIT acting cowardly)

    علم الصحافة وحرية الصحافة -- زيت جبان

  3. Oh, unfortunately, the arabic translations don't seem to make much sense. They translate back to "Aware of the press and freedom of the press - oil Jabban" Oh my goodness. How will we every be able to integrate the arabic scientific community into this fruitful exchange of insights into the El-Naschie patchwork?

  4. Christoph DrösserMarch 2, 2009 at 8:44 AM

    I am the author of the ZEIT story.

    You say "I know things about the DIE ZEIT disappearance that I am not yet free to blog" - I'd be very happy if you could share those with me!

    We haven't backed down, we have taken down the story because we are being sued by El Naschie's lawyer for some minor details in the text (I admit I got some facts wrong). I am sure the matter will clear up this week, and there will be a corrected version of my article.

  5. He was referring to information about the name of the lawyers and from where they operate (UK and Munich). I asked Jason not to publish this information in the blog for now - and before the article is up again.

  6. It seems that El naschie succeeded in removing
    the nature article, try to check

    You will get
    "This story is temporarily unavailable"
    oooohhhh very powerful man