Thursday, February 12, 2009


If any Arabic speaker can explain what's going on in this next one I'd be grateful.

And explain this too, please. This is apparently about Taha Ibrahim, the young protégé of El Naschi whom we meet in the video just before. The music and tone are supposed to inspire admiration I'd say.

Here's a newer one -- Dr. Mohamed El Naschie by Winter Sonata Egypt Love:

That last one is available with subtitles in several languages.

Other El Naschie video posts:

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  1. What is this guys name? Is he a phd student of El-Naschie or who is he?

  2. Dude, the second video is fucking hilarious!

    Basically, the younger guy is supposedly a physics genius, although he's doing a BA in commerce. He wrote two books on physics, and talked for a couple of minutes about the history of science, name dropping as many famous physicists as possible.
    Naschaie then took the lead and praised the younger dude and said how he could get a Noble if he were in Cambridge etc etc.

    Then the rest is trivial commentary on the state of science in Egypt and how it can be improved.

    The young dude then claims he's trying to go to MIT and asks for help from physicists who can help him with high-energy physics books.

  3. Thanks so much for explaining the second video! That's better than I could have hoped for. Gonna do a post about your superb explanation.

  4. Title of the second video is:
    طه إبراهيم ومحمد النشائى
    Ibrahim, Mohamed Taha Alnchaiy

    أصغر باحث فى الفيزياء فى موسوعة جينيس والعالم المصرى محمد النشائى المرشح لجائزة نوبل
    Smaller researcher in physics in the Guinness and the world, the Egyptian Mohamed Alnchaiy candidate for the Nobel Prize

    and there is a video only with him:

    طه إبراهيم ونظرياته فى توحيد القوانين الفيزيائية
    Taha Ibrahim theories and the unification of physical laws
    محاولة توحيد القوانين الفيزيائية
    Try to unite the physical laws

  5. In the comments they write (sorry for bad arabic text representation, and the english translation is from google-translate):


    محمد النشائي سمعتة سيئة كفيزيايئ في الغرب نظرياته لا علاقة لها بالفيزياء
    Mohamed Alnchaii Kvezyayi bad reputation in the West has nothing to do with theories of physics

    هذا صحيح . قرأت عن الرجل بما فيه الكفاية من الفضائح في الإنترنت الإنجليزية. يقال عنه أنه إشتري مجلة علمية (الوحيدة التي ينشر بها أبحاثه) بالمال في مقابل نشر كل ما يحلو له. فضيحة علمية عربية.
    لو أردت المزيد من التفاصيل ، راسلني علي إيميل يوتيوب
    This is true. I read about a man enough scandals in the English Internet. Say that the Buy scientific journal (the only published by the research) money in exchange for the release of all of what he wants. Arab scientific scandal.
    If you want more details, Send me an email on YouTube


    My suggestion:
    It is necessary that we inform the arabic world about this fraud more! We need to type -simple- (so the mahine translator can translate it) english into google translator and make it arabic and inject it into the arabic media-sphere! The arabian people will thank us.

    من الضروري أن نبلغ العالم العربي حول هذا التزوير! نحن بحاجة إلى نوع بسيط بين جوجل المترجم الى الانجليزية والعربية ، وتجعل من أن يقحم هذا المجال بين وسائل الإعلام العربية! العربي يشكر الناس لنا.


    Another video about this guy

  7. Ok. The younger guy's name is indeed Taha Ibrahim. He seems to be following a life plan similar to El Naschie's, and El Naschie seems to be encouraging him.

  8. This guy is really amazing!I read some of the papers of M El Naschie about his theory and Cantorian spacetime.

  9. Any paper you particularly liked?

  10. Thanks Mr.Jason for ur q. In fact, I don't understand whole that written. I read it just to understand how he's employing the mathematics on his theory to unification laws. For me, I find maths somewhat difficult, but it's important in theoretical physics.