Friday, March 6, 2009

Changes in Drösser's Zeit piece

We have them.

There are not many, but some are significant wins for Dr. El Naschie. I wonder how much he paid. Anyone out there familiar enough with the cost of lawsuits of this type to give an educated guess? If so, please put it in the comments. How about you, Howrey? We all know you're reading this.

  • The "fraud in science" in the title was changed to "quaint/strange science".

  • He's got his doctorate now (two text sections).

  • Some nonsense about what Mr. Rössler was "thinking" and what he was "getting popular with" that nobody could conceiveably care about.

  • The thing with helping Robert Maxwell out of a financial tight spot was removed.

  • 80% self-citation was changed to 30% self-citation.

  • An "n" and an "m" have gone missing. Just typos.

Here it is, thanks to Martin Klicken's hard work, with changes highlighted:

That's it.

Here is the revised article on DIE ZEIT's Web site.

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  1. I think this is now a good list of things we should concentrate on during investigations. El Naschie should get something for his money. Can anybody find out more, find proof, newspaper articles about what really happened with Robert Maxwell and the deal thenadays?
    The m and n characters are lost forever. I'm afraid we can't do anything to that. It is a victory for El-Naschie that will be sung about in centuries to come. I guess he is now using these letters to learn elementary matrix operations.

  2. Haha yes, he tried to get i and j as well but Die Zeit wouldn't budge.

  3. yeah and of course Zeit deleted without comment all comments (i think around 31) concerning this article. these damn bastards. nazis would have liked this media control...

  4. Notice that we have the Zeit comments here, however.