Monday, March 9, 2009

El Naschie "does not use the Internet"

This, from a commenter named "Free Legaladvice" just went up over at SCIAM:

For the records [sic - record] and as a reference to Court Discovery procedure, we draw the attention of Scientific American and particularly those responsible for this blog [sic - it's not a blog] to the following:
1. Professor Mohamed El Naschie does not use the Internet. He has never commented and will never comment on this blog nor any other blog.
2. In particular the comment carrying his name and dated 03/08/09 is a forgery [sic - missing period]
3. All comments purporting to be from Professor Mohamed El Naschie are forgery [sic - forgeries, forged]. Those imposters are liable to legal prosecution. The ultimate responsibility for these illegal actions lays [sic - lies] with Scientific American.
4. The comment purported [sic - purportedly] by Dr. Aymann El Okaby 03/08/09 from the Department of Physics, Alexandria, Egypt is not from Aymann El Okaby.
5. The most likely persons who [sic - to have] committed these forgeries are:
Said Elnashaie, Christopher [sic - Christoph] Droesser, Renate Loll, Quirin Schiermeier and their associates.
6. The readers of this and others sites and blogs should be assured that neither Professor El Naschie nor anyone acting on behalf of Professor El Naschie with the consent of Professor El Naschie would ever comment without giving real e-mail addresses and real names. Professor EL [sic - El] Naschie does not answer do [sic - to] allegations in [sic - on] the Internet. He also does not answer e-mails from unknown sources. He does not participate in discussions which are outside the norms and the written and unwritten laws of civilized behavior.
7. It is our considered opinion and good advice to the blogmasters of this site to delete it and stop further abuse.

This is a ham-fisted attempt to get SCIAM to shut down comments. I think it has too many typos in it to have been written by Howrey.
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  1. Christoph Drösser is also spelled incorrectly and is coherently wrong with the misspellings in the other clearly pro-El Naschie comments in SciAm. Who would write such a comment? Where does the writer take the knowledge from? He seems to know much about El Naschie but must also be in close contact with Ayman El Okaby. He is hiding behind a false name and gives no email address. He is at the same time stating that nobody acting on behalf of El Naschie would post comments without email address or real name. He himself hides in the dark. And has enormous knowledge about the exact details of El Naschie's life and Ayman El Okaby. This is scary. My best guess: it is Mohamed S. El Naschie again.
    Who else has all these details? Who else would know about Ayman El Okaby and what he wrote, and who would take the time to do this, not at behalf of El Naschie. Maybe someone who wrote the other comments with the same types of errors. Somebody who wrote the Ayman El Okaby comments and the pro-El Naschie comments. Someone stupid who tries to apply the same techniques that worked with the Arabic media for decades. Is Mohamed El Naschie responsible for about 250 of the 500 comments in SciAm? Does anybody know a more plausible explanation for this type of party over there?

  2. It seems patently absurd to me to suppose that El Naschie writes these posts himself. That's nothing he would waste his time with - it is definitely beneath him. He is enormously rich, well-connected, and for sure has a big number of devoted "disciples" who are glad and honoured to do this job for him. Try to imagine some middle-eastern potentate, that's probably not far from reality.

  3. But if that is true and the strong similarities show all into the same direction: that his papers and the comments were written by the same person.
    Then -

    - who wrote the papers published in Chaos, Solitions and Fractals?

    But maybe you are right and there is a kind of language style conditioning involved.