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El Naschie slams El Naschie Watch!

By name! March 3 interview!The original Arabic page. Below the fold, frankly dreadful machine translation into English, with the relevant passage made green.

D. Mohamed Alnchaii world of nano technology in an interview with Al "National Day":

I was accused of the events of September 11 .. I have a diploma!

In science, find Nabgin, who made their reputation on their own research, and from modern scientific theories and useful to humanity .. Dr. Mohamed Alnchaii one of these scientists Alnwabg, digging himself a place in the nano-science technology. Although a specialist, however, our dialogue with him is not confined to the scientific research, and the progress sought by Egypt, but we tended to talk about American policy, and the fierce attack against him .. Asked about the draft National Center for Research "the road to the Nobel", and his relationship with Dr. Mustafa al-Sayyid the theoretical treatment of cancer with gold, and it relates to Dr. Ahmed Zewail .. And his vision for the development of scientific research in Egypt .. Here are the details:
What is your assessment of scientific research in Egypt?
When we're talking about scientific research Fbm compare? There is no comparison when the scale .. Where is the measure? Yes, our progress in scientific research, it is now we have some of its components, and the comparison in the world around us, including the Arab world and Africa, and Europe, and when talking about Egypt, I find I have a strong pride and a kind of arrogance that causes Egypt, throughout the life of the greatest countries of the Mediterranean, and the basket wheat for the entire Roman Empire, and it came out that the Egyptian fleet was poised to enter the war with the Roman fleet, our glory and the degree of association, was to the era of Mohamed Ali Pasha, we were the first country in the Middle East before Israel launched missiles in the design of "force majeure and the victorious" Before Israel to invent aircraft we have also an invention of the train and called "Cairo" purchased after India.
But the fact that he does not decide to place us in this world?
Therefore, when we compare ourselves now too late for our size, even in comparison to much of the Arab States and African countries, but compared to some of the country such as Turkey or Europe, you can say what you like, and can not Erdini.
What we need?
We need a leap .. We now say, for example, does not matter does not matter the schools raise the salaries of workers, we compile only the elite of the Egyptian universities and paying them with all our strength for the jump .. We begin in the reform so that we do not back down in a hole a complex scientific issue, which centers of excellence, when making the distinction, you revolt, and then try to "compromise" people.
Do you think that Egypt needed the jump can not do, however, one person is d. Mohamed Alnchaii?
Not .. This is egomania and, in general, and to democracy is now the best way, but not solve the problems, unfortunately, that we must resolve the difficult problems in difficult situations by using the methods of dictatorship or less democratic in decision-making, ahead of the Soviet Union and was preceded by the Kaiser's Germany in World War One , and Nazi Germany, and to get out of these problems had to be a force of iron and for this to happen do not happen the consequences of political unrest and large it should be a sense of sacrificing the product of the existence of a national feeling, with the National Medal of living for him, for example .. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him when he said to the people .. Open Egypt, "they" were going to fight people in the advanced weapons and other, but they had a "poor" The goal of the Order of the faith and belief in this goal and therefore, when walking with China "Mao" include China with 10 thousand which is a superpower left on their own two feet to fight the Japanese occupation of time Third, a creep, there was a belief in their ideology, and the bankrupt ideology, save the work and were more understanding and awareness of the Russians, and we find now is China's belief in communism, and not, love of country and sacrifice for their goals.
Educator on the carpet to live
But this feeling I have so many others?
This is true .. But when I have a feeling like no other rivalry, there we come to the end, and I have the feeling that all of the country is demanding the right is more correct, and I am not a politician, but I imagine that the use of logic and historical lessons that we must do, that we do not do this if must distribute part of our large number, and let's talk about what I understand, "Nano-Technology" and its role in Egypt, where there are 20 thousand Center and each one wants this and that, by the quantity of money you Sorkzh in a single distribution, "U Asebrenj Lior Cerf Cindy "" you spring yourserivesendy "means laying on the carpet of the teacher to live in somewhere to live by the breeders, farmers did not become a sandwich, sandwich, but live!
There are possibilities to be focus, not only mentally focused, not only physically, but perhaps you can administratively create honest competition between the two Yes .. But not between 20 and sometimes have such a fair competition in the large states such as America, France and England, but with Egypt, I think that competition is desirable, but must be a focus and this focus does not exist and, therefore, when speaking about our?! Yes, we have scientific research, and we have professors publish more than the Europeans.
Alexander the Great went there was with the "Parisian" because it was the first Iranian and Russian .. The fact the world "of the" nuclear power built this way, any contact with Eber and supported him in Egypt, before power was linked to the Ministry of Scientific Research Babdanazar even in Saudi Arabia are linked to the king and the Ministry of Scientific Research, a King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, and the president have direct d. Resolved in favor of the Minister of Scientific Research, and I after him, and now one of my students "d. Mohamed Sweden "Saudi Arabia's already here must be linked to scientific research, headed by the Republic.
The phenomenon of the return of scientists
There is the phenomenon of migration of Egyptian scientists to return since then almost 10 years .. Such as scientist, and Mr. Mustafa You .. This phenomenon is remarkable .. Suddenly, suddenly returned and emigrated see why, in your opinion?
In fact, I disagree, this is my fool, When you go to Alexandria, my mother was crying and asking me to preserve myself and not to delay and when you are traveling plane propellers and went to "Rome" The plane landed and was not given radar were forced to go in the "Amsterdam" The aircraft then us to the place we want, and Abe has his home in "Hamburg" I am small, and I assure you we are all still in the outside of the scientist told you that back? Or that I promised? Mr. Mustafa or feedback? This deception of view, because the speed of communications in any moment in any place .. Not because of any Egyptian scientist does not want to return .. And we believe these statements, we lie to ourselves.
Do you want to eat but can not find places?
Not .. They did not come from the origin.
Only because he is not ready to find a place .. I am!! You mentioned some of the names of scientists have now become adults and their status, which can not abandon him in any way, and I when I returned to Cairo a dozen years and I was 56 years old, and it was relatively not the age of retirement, either d. Mostafa Fmrh was over seventy, and the d. As well as the scientist, Mohamed Ghoneim, and it is built here to help him in the same place that the late President Sadat and unabated, and the intelligence of a Ghneim which enabled him to take this to him in this story has a very nice, with Sadat, Sadat said I know I will not do anything, he said Sadat gave me a paper, and wrote the name of God, the Merciful We Anwar Sadat of Egypt, Dr. Mohamed Ghoneim appoint doctors special medicine for me affairs "signed him" .. Then he said: this paper will open the doors for you all, if anyone "Anken" You .. The paper did not turn out as de-Sadat was a good atmosphere of the country understood what was happening, Dr. Ghneim his personality that can bring together people around him, You might find that a form such as the Pharaohs, who served more than Egypt and the Egyptians, Dr.. Magdi Yacoub, but that is outside of science, knowledge of this servant of the people, in the sense that this can not make the state of poverty to become rich for example.
But make life difficult and the transition from a very difficult only!! But this proves the principle of "the genius of the Egyptian men" Science phases first phase "phase absorption" and the second phase "tradition" The third phase of innovation and the U.S. and the Europeans are now in the process of creativity and there's still a tradition in Iran, India and Pakistan, for example.
We are now .. In the process of assimilation?!
No, we did not get to this stage did not understand until now.
I do not want to come to Egypt!
Do you need the decision of the President to remain in Egypt?
Oh of course .. But, in reality, the situation has arrived in the attack, Ali was an individual ..
To what extent arrived?
I do not want to stay in Egypt, and arrived at I am no longer want to come to Egypt for the visit, the parents Fezlm more money from the oppression of strangers, I was in the last term of the type of victimization and injustice.
"There are conflicts with the Western scientists abroad and old, said that the Jewish lobby behind the pursuit of Egyptian scientists and the flight abroad" .. The validity of what this is?
The situation is more complicated than this, but for me in my work and my specialty.
The reason for my return to Egypt because I love her, but they were not intent, but linked to a specific date and the associated personal and family Bzerovi, Fjit my mother got sick and stayed for a long time until she died, then my wife d. Mirvat like to exist in Egypt because of her mother, and children living in London, but I had a dream that I am something I am proud to have been completed in Egypt, something important, and when I'm comfortable that I made on this, and I have a feeling that this is very close on, and I interested in Egypt, including interest, therefore, allocate "High energy" was not beneficial to Egypt, but more a benefit developed countries, while the "Nano-Technology" Egypt is useful and, unfortunately, less interest in this project and even turned to welcome him to the heavy attack.
The war on nanotechnology
For me .. I do not know.
If we are to war, internal and external?
Ali personally and "Nano-Technology" persons.
Let's talk about the war, you .. Both at home and abroad in the home of those who feel that you have political ambitions to be a minister?
This is not true .. It was not true at the moment it is not in this age or in which I live by my means, it is not possible to have had what I like, and if that happens in this great sacrifice for me to accept.
And abroad?
Three things dishonest competition, but competition for the scientific dishonest or in other words "jealous, but jealous, honest and non-scientific event of this theft Abhathi and published in the magazine" Sein Difkin Amrikn "of the associate of a man who is a Nobel laureate and we both know each other very well and this was something very disturbing .
I wonder .. There is a world that is published in the magazine research means that it has become editor-in-chief that he very much .. The same scientist published in the magazine, saying that I published about 250 research in magazines, but they forgot that I have more than 900 research, when the head of the liberation of the two magazines that are the biggest and best in a specialized magazine in the world, allocate interdisciplinary "Inter Dnsenberri" interdensprerary not specialized in a certain direction but Aloma is combining with one another, including a new note, and I want to say that most scientists die in search of 80 or more or less is to have 150 to be discussed very great, and the meaning of the fact that I have the research and became chief editor of this magazine is evidence of I am the best of these, and I write in the theories, it is said that this is a good than others? I'm also jealous These abnormal and slurs they have been collected by the group does not know to write English, and written complaints against me. Who reads these letters find it full of mistakes.
Charges: Muslim and Arab
Bam Achtkok?
This group met their interests with the interests of people who hate the word Muslim, I do not know why, and then met with the interests of people who also hate the word Arab, I fit the description, which is for them I am a non-global "Muslim, Arab and stubborn".
The third thing is personal, there are scientists and one of them, which is particularly surprised by the obstruction and abuse.
What nationality?
Have more than one nationality, but in spite of all the Mhaolaty to calm conditions and the kind words and the answers to the questions, a diplomatic way, but that is not an interest rate and, on the contrary, exacerbated the problems and abuse the way that requires the establishment of cases in England, Germany and Egypt "presented against me" to the extent that one of them said I do not hold doctorates in front of reporters in the section of the University of Cairo and the silence was not possible, then was told I did not get the diploma, too!! Then I said to Publish Abhathi in the two magazines on the Internet and I had a draft I did bring down the twin towers of America, which occurred in the atheist of September and I studied engineering with Hamas, and this same sentence in which the defamation and stupidity, why .. When I studied engineering in the sixties was not the work of Yasser Arafat's own bodies .. Did not hear about Fatah and Hamas explicitly only recently .. In the smallness of this outrageous, but also I was a friend "Broujed to Bergo" From where I was a friend of Hamas and I know? Indeed, I know her husband, who divorced her husband and was in the seventies, this day have not been born to it and the relationship of these personal things in science? Alhm They also took up my family and my daughters as if the base block means "Side" name "Alnchaii Watch" no control Alnchaii Alnchaii say all the time no news Alnchaii 24 hours, 2000 pages of insults .. Praise and "I'm a genius, I'm the biggest and one of the best days of Newton and Einstein and I'm stupid and need Mpfhmc".
Then where I say I do not just care about my diploma, and this interest, which was not interested in any one of the world of scientists, such as interest in this, and then if I did not get only to the "Arts and ?????" and went to where it should take me to put me in the highest positions and Ickramoni and put me in the science of what? Abaqriti to be purely because I had laughed in this way to everyone, but the whole world is much better, but until there is no professor in the University of the state of the world that Ekshffine correctly answer the question and say that I did wrong? This is its scientific journals and forums and not defamation.
The reader wants to know who exactly the culprit and why?
Unfortunately I can not answer this question.

The joy of the Egyptian people
There is an unknown enemy? You are the world?
When the matter to the judiciary will be the national day in first grade.
What your relationship is your relationship with Dr. Mustafa al-Sayyid?
D. All of our teacher, Mr. Mustafa, one of the biggest people, and informed them of the fact that there is a difference between me and him in a world of specialization, such as experimental d. Zewail Vt_khass similar to a great extent, a scientist with Dr. Zeul presented in international forums in Sweden and called for the IRA must be made to the Nobel Prize and was published this is truly a man Fadel man as he is calm and the more I like it, for me personally is worth twenty Nobel Prize Any assessment of Egypt has a very few months, myself and d. IRA is the quality of d. Magdi Yacoub, the world means that he is calm.
Dr.. Scientist I have no personal knowledge of him and I wish to know, but circumstances prevented, it has the halo of a given, and the people around him always, in fact I am very busy and I do not have time to Achteragahm accurately and in a sense I do not want this, but the respect of the original is lost, but happy when he flew to Nobel Prize because this award is not only king but the King of all the positive things they are all Egyptian people Egyptian character of the excitement.

Thank you to the indispensable Martin for the tip.
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  1. ما جنسيته؟

    له اكثر من جنسية، ولكن رغم كل محاولاتي لتهدئة الظروف والكلمات الرقيقة والاجابات علي الاسئلة بطريقة دبلوماسية، الا ان ذلك لم يأت بفائدة بل بالعكس، تفاقمت المشكلات واساءوا الي بطريقة تتطلب إقامة قضايا في انجلترا والمانيا ومصر «ضد من يعرّض بي» لدرجة ان أحدهم قال إنني لا احمل الدكتوراه امام صحفيين وفي قسم من الاقسام من جامعة القاهرة وصمت ولم ارد، ثم قيل أنني لم احصل علي الدبلوم ايضا!! ثم يقال انني انشر ابحاثي في مجلتي علي الانترنت وأنني انا الذي قمت بعمل مشروع اسقاط برجي امريكا اللذين وقعا في الحادي عشر من سبتمبر وانني درست الهندسة مع حماس، وهذه الجملة نفسها فيها قمة التشهير والغباء، لماذا.. لأنني حينما درست الهندسة في الستينيات لم يكن ياسر عرفات نفسه عمل هيئاته.. فلم نسمع عن فتح أو حماس صراحة الا من قريب.. وفي هذا إسفاف شنيع، ومنها ايضا انني كنت صديق «لبروجيد برجو» فمن اين كنت صديقا لحماس وأعرفها؟ الحقيقة انني كنت اعرف زوجها الذي طلقته وكان ذلك في السبعينيات فهذه ايام لم يكونوا قد ولدوا فيها وما علاقة هذه الاشياء الشخصية بالعلم؟ كما اكرههم وهم يشهرون بأسرتي وبناتي كأن يؤسسوا بلوك يعني «سايد» اسمه «النشائي ووتش» اي مراقبة النشائي ويقول النشائي كل الوقت اي اخبار النشائي طوال 24 ساعة، 2000 صفحة من الشتائم.. والمدح «انا عبقري، انا اكبر واحد من ايام نيوتن واحسن من اينشتاين وانا حمار ومبفهمش حاجة».

    ثم من اين يقولون انني لا احمل مجرد الدبلوم ويهتمون بي هذا الاهتمام، الذي لم يهتم احد بأي عالم من العلماء مثل اهتمامهم هذا، ثم لو انني لم احصل الا علي «فنون وصنايع» ووصلت الي ما وصلت اليه يجب ان يأخذوني ليضعوني في ارفع المناصب ويكرموني ويضعوني في مجلس العلم لماذا؟ لعبقريتي البحتة لأنني أكون بهذه الطريقة قد ضحكت علي الجميع، بل علي العالم كله فهذا افضل بكثير، ولكن الا يوجد اي استاذ كبير في اية جامعة من جامعات العالم ان يكشفني بطريقة صحيحة ويقول السؤال والاجابة الخطأ الذي فعلته؟ وهذا الكلام مجاله المجلات العلمية وليس المحافل والتشهير.

    القارئ يريد ان يعرف من الجاني بالضبط ولماذا؟

    للأسف الشديد لا أستطيع الاجابة علي هذا السؤال.

    So - you are not such a genius after all,
    د. محمد النشائي

    By the way, be careful not to accidentally spread any untrue statements about Jason, the Jews, the nobel prize, other academics etc. in your interviews. In contrast to your favorite hobby - sockpuppeting - the authorship of your remarks in the interviews is not so much disputable.

    There might be people sticking your lies back to you and then you have to blame and sue the guys that did the interview with you. You may soon need the help of your lawyers in a different direction (to actually defend you) if more and more people just continue to do these unbelievable, godless things:
    To go after your statements, to find out the truth and make information available about you, to tell the world what you are really doing, how you manipulate the media, tell about disputable affiliations, get expelled from one state/academic institution after the other, get forced to retire from editorship of Chaos, Solitons and Fractals and all the other small and big scandals that border the glorious path of your scientific life.

    Keep it up,
    Martin Klicken

  2. Martin, your comment is devastating. Much too good to bury here. Front page stuff.

    Howrey, I hope you're reading the comments.