Sunday, March 1, 2009

El Naschie Watch gets a good scolding

I'm working on updating the Link Roundup, and while doing so I've extracted some of the comments I've found about me and this site. The pro-El Naschie crowd dislikes me intensely. No surprise there. But the ambivalence about how or even whether to respond to me is interesting. If there's a factional struggle going on, please join me in hoping [Mr. Niceguy] beats [Mr. Meany]!

I've ALL CAPPED some of the juiciest passages. Everything below the fold with the exception of the [Mr. Niceguy], [Mr. Meany] markers is in their words, not mine.

Check it out:

Wow! I urge everyone to see the following site established specifically for Mohamed El Naschie. It is called elnaschie watch all the time. Just imagine they are watching the guy all the time. I wish I had so much time to spare I would have done something useful. I don t think any scientist, in fact no one I know of is worth watching all the time. This site is a living proof that these guys libeling Elnaschie have gone real cuckoo. I can think of no more effective way for Elnaschie to prove his innocence than showing this site to everyone. I hope he realizes that. [Mr. Niceguy] HE SHOULD NOT MOVE A FINGER TO TRY TO CLOSE THIS SITE. That would be the wrong thing to do. It is a clear vicious vendetta and this is the proof for it.

I beg to differ Jane Astor. If this site indicates anything then it indicates that Dor, An, Said Elnashaie, Renate Loll, whether they are one and the same person or different people, are dangerous internet thugs who must be put out of business. John Baez started it all and he might be still behind it all. All of them living in chat rooms and by proxy through pseudo names have no real existence and can become dangerous and even MASS MURDERERS. I caution of dealing with them and [Mr. Meany] I ADVISE THAT THIS CASE SHOULD BE REPORTED IMMEDIATELY TO THE POLICE. Scientific American is taking a huge gamble by letting all this happen because one should not forget before John Baez, there was this cursed article by Renate Loll, Jane Ambjorn and this third guy whose name I can never remember.

I for one do not take this defamatory blog entitled ( lightly. I take it very seriously and I think such practice THREATENS OUR CIVILIZED SOCIETIES, the VERY FOUNDATION of it. Baez, Droesser, Said, Schermeier may have been juvenile delinquents but now they have matured into full fledged criminal society. The responsibility falls squarely with Scientific American. It is not Renate Loll nor Nature. Had Scientific American acted in the proper way entrusted to them all of this would not have happened. Now you have an international scandal involving Nobel Laureates and internet fascists. Calling Elnaschie a terrorist and picturing him with guns will lead most definitely to criminal persecution and possibly an international conflict. One look at this site will convince you that the people behind this campaign have completely lost their marble and passed the point of no return.

The webmaster of a blog orgy devoted to character assassinations see: - is exclaiming why Prof. Dr. El Naschie is not attempting to take a court order against them. I could attempt to satisfy his perverted curiosity but I doubt it would help him. First, he is wrong to think that John Baez was threatened with legal proceedings and that is why his site on the n-Category caf? blog disappeared. Unlike the webmaster of this doubtful blog, John Baez is a mathematician and not entirely an idiot. John Baez childish mathematical argument with which he thought would frighten the daylight out of Prof. Mohamed El Naschie failed to do the trick. The man was rational enough to call his bluff. It was truly embarrassing for John Baez. He got every single point wrong. Of course there are two and three stein spaces as Mohamed El Naschie said. Of course there are Riemannian surfaces and what is more embarrassing it is well known that there are 17 of them. It is mathematics post graduate course material and J. Baez should have known it and now he had to be told about it from a civil engineer. Second, of course there are 8 exceptional Lie groups of the E line family. This is the result of modern research on E8 in the last ten years. So here again, John Baez and his sock puppet Skoda from Croatia made fools of themselves and had to realize that El Naschie was using well known mathematics. How embarrassing! A civil engineer can rehearse the 8 Exceptional E groups correctly while John Baez, the mathematician does not even recognize them even after being explained to him. El Naschie never bothered to answer them and left them to be punished by their own ignorance. Now I come to answer the question posed by the webmaster. If after all what I have said above, someone so blind with ignorance and hatred like the said webmaster comes along collecting all the false statements of John Baez and exposing it once more on the internet, then the better it is for Prof. El Naschie. If this webmaster is sufficiently stupid as it is apparently the case to add all these obscene and scandalous pictures with Hamas terrorists, then there is no doubt that Prof. El Naschie and his supporters will be delighted. For them and for any sane person, [Mr. Meany] THIS IS A COURT AFFIDAVIT attesting for their perversity and the real reason behind the disgraceful defamation campaign and character assassination against Prof. El Naschie and his work. When will these internet criminals understand that scientific methods in criticizing scientific theory how.

When will these internet criminals understand that scientific methods in criticizing scientific theory however harsh are normally accepted. By contrast, when you use non scientific arguments they only can discredit themselves. In the case of the n-Category caf?, and far more this El Naschie watch site, they have done it to themselves master way. In the circumstances [Mr. Niceguy] IT WOULD BE FOOLISH FOR EL NASCHIE AND HIS SUPPORTERS TO MOVE A FINGER.

The internet subculture is striking back. Typical for the mob. The more you warn them the worse they become. After the fiasco of this new un-site and the no blog named , the responsible or should I say the irresponsible people crossed the line to pornography. THE SITE AND ALL WHAT IS DISCUSSED THERE REMINDS ONE OF A REVOLTING PICTURE OF DECAY OR A CARCASS, this time of science and the big name which we used to revere. How is it possible that we can think that low? This is a question which the author of the article in Scientific American should think very seriously about. The damage has nothing to do with reputation of an innocent man like Mohamed El Naschie. The damage is global. Holland is of course a very liberal country. Unfortunately this liberalism brought us things like Big Brother TV show. Nevertheless I thought there are things that are still sacred in Holland. I invite Nobel Laureate Gerard tHooft as well as the Director of the University of Utrecht and maybe the Interior Minister of Holland to have a good look at this site and decide if they want to be part of that. In case you forgot the blog address, here it is again:

By mentioning Brigiette Bardot you are implicating Nobel laureate Garradus tHooft and by mentioning twin towers and 9/11 you are implicating the whole of Egypt. You are playing with fire and you are ignorant and narrow minded and crazy enough to not realize [Mr. Meany] HOW BAD THIS WILL END FOR YOU. This is a coded message to the lunatic hairy monster of the M4. His current address is:

Jason Hasten of . You are asking why Prof. Mohamed El Naschie is ignoring you while he may have taken a court injunction to close the defamatory site of John Baez and his bleak n-Category caf?. With all due disrespect to John Baez you don t even qualify to the stature of John Baez. After all John Baez at least during the day is a recognized Professor at a recognized University. By contrast you are an impostor and not a very good one on top of that. Who is paying you for all this industrious work? Nobody is visiting your boring site. It is obscene, humorless and based entirely on lies and fallacies. You are obviously a Zionist but without anything of the Jewish culture and humor. Your jokes are vulgar and your language is not better. Jewish jokes normally have deep meanings such as wit and most of all deep truth to them. You are based entirely on hearsay and defamatory allegations. Your site may qualify for posters in the toilets for undergraduate dorms. To sum up you can go on beefing up your site with your trashy vulgarity and [Mr. Niceguy] YOU CAN REST ASSURED THAT NEITHER PROF. EL NASCHIE NOR ANYONE OF US WILL ATTEMPT TO DISTURB YOUR OBSCENITY.

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  1. You forgot the capitalize the MASS MURDERERS section in the second comment.
    Just imagine many of these even argueing characters might be the creation of one single mind. No wonder such a mind goes crazy at some point and brings up theories of unification and countless dimensions! These might helg bring all the voices in his head together.

    There was also some German comment at SCIAM that I couldn't decipher. It might have been an insinuation of some terror threat in three different European cities, or just some diffuse drivel that maybe even the mind behind it could not understand today: "[...]Machen Sie es bitte nicht billig. Sie können überzeugt sein, dass die wahren Lügner und Verleumder die Herrn Professor EL Naschie auf Befehl angegriffen und jede noch so niederträchtigen Mittel benutzt haben sehr bald in München, Hamburg und London gebührender Halt geboten wird." It is really not clear what the sockpuppet wants to predict here for Munich, Hamburg and London.

  2. Thank you for pointing that out. I'll all-cap MASS MURDERERS right away.

  3. Gabu Mabu, I can't quite understand whaat the German there means either. Babel fish says "Make it please not cheap. They can be convinced that the true liars and slanderer attacked the Mr. professor EL Naschie on instruction and each still so mean means used very soon in Munich, Hamburg and London being entitled stop are ordered." It doesn't seem to mean anything, but it's got a mass-terrorism threat sound to it, doesn't it? Fortunately, this blog comes out of Seattle; not Munich, Hamburg or London.

  4. "gebührender Halt" just doesn't make much sense. the passage is: "...very soon in munich,hamburg and london GEBÜHRENDER HALT will be provided". so there is something that will be provided to all the mean guys not agreeing with el naschies way of doing things. but what is it that will happen in hamburg, munich and london? you can translate "gebührend" as kind of "as they deserve". now that sounds like punishment to me. but the word "halt" - that doesnt make sense. that word means support, stabilization something like that. so, what is "support as they deserve it"? maybe there is an arabic saying that sounds similar? can anybody help here? should the people in hamburg, munich and london prepare for something bad?

  5. actually no, "Halt" in this case is synonymous to the english "halt", i.e. "come to a stop".

    You can be convinced that the true liars and libelers, who have attacked Professor EL Naschie on command and have used all means as perfidious as they may be, will soon be provided with due halt in München, Hamburg and London.

    No need to suspect an "insinuation of some terror threat". El Naschie is certainly dangerous, but for nothing more than science and its public image.