Thursday, March 19, 2009

Emergency -- please help

Click on the graphic for an explanation of the cultural reference.

Martin and I can't do much more than blog. (No, we don't want your money.)

Please, readers, if you can raise our profile by sending contacts a headsup as to the existence of our blog, please do so. I have asked a few (three actually) bloggers to link to us with the following appeal:

El Naschie Watch blog is in trouble

If you care about scientific fraud, if you care about academic dishonesty, if you care about false accusations of racism, if you give a damn about the developing world, please read this. It's important.

You have written about El Naschie in the past.

I am a co-owner of with a German co-blogger. Our motivations are explained at

It's undignified to beg for links, but Google's policies have created an outrageous information vacuum for those who most need to know about El Naschie's pretense.

Linking to us either through an explicit post or through a sidebar blogroll would be a good deed, and I ask that you please consider it.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

J.A. Rush

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  1. Hey, Jason, don't panic! People are maybe just busy doing some other stuff for now, spending some time with their families, taking the dog for a walk etc. They'll be back. As soon as the next scandal comes up somewhere, there will be new links everywhere again and the traffic stats of this blog will go ballistic for good. I think it is normal that the traffic goes down for some times. Let's see what comes next. You had it just right in the first sentence! We can just blog. And we will keep blogging here.

  2. Yesterday, when I was googling for "el naschie" I was surprised not finding your blog on the front hit page. Instead of it I found this blog:

    Jason, it seems you have a pro El Naschie alter ego whose English is much like that depicted on the graphic. ;)



  4. see that ..
    شاهد هذا
    your link
    رابط المدونه

    we got the message . thank you .

  5. HI EVERYONE! I have had no Internet connection for a week! Just got a new Internet Service Provider. We'll have more El Naschie content soon.


  6. Your homeless shelter really had no internet for a full week?

    In your absence, you're back to google #7 on first page (having ejected the P=NP guy, for N=1 or P=0)

  7. YAAYY!!! I did not know that, thanks for telling me. :)