Tuesday, March 3, 2009

His lawyers; DIE ZEIT case; this blog

We've been given the go-ahead to release some information about El Naschie's lawyers. A friend of Martin Klicken is our source.

Mohamed El Naschie's law firm is Howrey. They are the ones who sued DIE ZEIT and they are the ones El Naschie has studying me.

They're exactly the kind of sharks you'd want on your side if you were in El Naschie's shoes. Formidable. Expensive. Among the best in the world at this kind of defense. Very much in the "best defense is a good offence" style, as they say in American football.

They have offices all over the world. The Munich office at Gmunder Straße 53, 81379 Munich, Germany is handling the ZEIT case. I believe that in the case of my blog, as I suggested in I SEEEEEE youuuuuu! that the City of London office at 22 Tudor Street, London EC4Y 0AY is also invloved. I'd be surprised if the San Francisco office, given its proximity to me, were out of the loop, but I have not looked into that.

Non-Germans are often surprised at the extent to which anything to do with Hitler is legally proscribed. Can't do the Nazi salute; can't sell Mein Kampf in bookstores; can't fly the Nazi flag; and you can't say people are like Hitler. Since they are crimes, you had better be careful not to falsely accuse people of doing them.

You can imagine, then, the little Howrey shark-brains at work: "suppose someone", they slaver, "a blogger or a poster on a blog, falsely accused our client Professor El Naschie of comparing someone... Herr Drösser for example... with... HITLER! Hehe, we could really stick it to them."

Think I'm paranoid? Well, sure, but even paranoids have enemies.

If you have a better explanation than the one I've just proposed for the following entry in my log I'd love to hear it (in comments or email would be fine):

Search term: "Drösser Hitler Vergleich" (to compare Drösser with Hitler).
IP Address:
Country: Germany
Region: Bayern
City: Munich
ISP: Howrey Llp

Question for you, Howrey. Since you do drone on endlessly about your technical savvy. How do you suppose it compares with the technical savvy of my readership?
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