Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm seeing double

Spot the difference:

  • El Naschie, M.S., The role of formulation in elastic buckling and the stability of spherical shells, Journal of applied mathematics and mechanics (1975)

  • El Naschie, M.S., Le role de la formulation dans distorsion elastique et la stabilité es coques spheriques, Revue Francaise de Mechanique (1975)

That's right! One's in English, one's in French. Why stop there? Why not a German version? And Russian. And Chinese. Go for it!

It looks to me like he's been flaky for decades.
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  1. to play devil's advocate for a moment: is the latter a kind of Comptes-Rendus "research announcement", two to six pages say? with the former the longer version with details?

  2. Good question. There are more complete descriptions here and here. Both Pub Type = Journal Article, and both one page long. It could be I suppose that both are research announcements of yet a third article, but that also strikes me as excessive.

  3. There is a case of self-plagiarism that is easier to show. The author says, it was a mistake/oversight, but that is doubtful. Do you know which papers I am referring to? I don't have the names right at hand now but they were found and reported some months ago in another blog.
    On top of my to do list: compile a list of hints for the plagiarism of the two Ayman El Okaby papers. Anybody who would like to contribute, welcome! I think he must have used a big stack of El Naschie papers when writing the one of those, so it is much work to do this without a plagiarism tool - which I don't have.
    The El Okaby papers: "Estimating the mass of the Higgs boson using the mass formula of E-infinity theory" and "Exceptional Lie Groups, E-Infinity Theory and Higgs Boson". You find these by googling.