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Link Roundup 2 (Cumulative)

I've let that last roundup go stale.

It turns out to be one of the more popular pages on this site, even though it's near the bottom of the list. So it's high time to refresh it. I'm going to include all the old ones along with the new ones. Links that don't work anymore will of course also be included. This may be an indication that someone... someone... has intentionally broken them.

If you notice duplicates, let me know so I can nuke one. Thanks! It's more important for me to post this ASAP than to eliminate them. Also if a link leads to something that's obviously irrelevant, please let me know.

The main thing I'm missing but badly want is the DIE ZEIT article and comments. I have a feeling someone told me they can get some of that stuff, but I can't find it here or in my email. So you have it, please send it my way. (UPDATE: Got DIE ZEIT .pdf now. And I have the comments!)

Thanks to Zaki, Martin Klicken, and Sven for contributions.

El Naschie's Homepage. Check out the photos section showing him rubbing shoulders with various Nobel Prize winners.

El Naschie's email address (and that of his journal):

John Baez’s The Case of M S El Naschie

Jan 2008 Chaos, Solitons and Fractals. Check out several of El Naschi's papers and form your own opinion.

The Nature article. El Naschie didn't like this.

Sbseminar: L’affaire El Naschie.

Backreaction: Chaos, Solitons and Self-Promotion.

Kinclong2. This is important as the only surviving trace of John Baez's criticism of El Naschie. (Or to my knowledge, it was originally.)

Jatkesha's world. This is the only place I've found that has the now-deleted Wikipedia article on El Naschie. (There's also )

Relevant YouTube links:

Nonoscience: Publishing over 300 Papers (ab)using Editorial Power?

Nonoscience: El Naschie Update and Peer Review.

Derek Lowe: Publish Your Work The Easy Way.

Fawning, softball interview.

Slashdot: Crackpot Scandal In Mathematics.

Betrug in der Wissenschaft (Fraud in science), in Zeit Online.

Fxqi forum. Defenders and detractors slash at one another.
Scientific American: Using Causality to Solve the Puzzle of Quantum Spacetime. See if you can identify the sock puppets!

Discussion in the comments on Peter Woit's blog Not Even Wrong: Short Bits

From esi-topics.

According to the following data base [Not my assertion; just quoting --Ed] one can find:

  • 17 articles where the affiliation is DAMTP, Cambridge, UK.

  • 72 articles where the affiliation is Dept. of Appl. Math. & Theor. Phys., Cambridge Univ., UK

  • 40 articles where the affiliation is Univ of Cambridge.

Of course The SCIAM comment thread

Good El Nasch discussion here on

I particularly liked this comment:

anonymously written on Mar. 1, 2009 @ 07:15 GMT

comments on the work of Garret Lisi and Mohamed El Naschie which you can find on the Telegraph site

Focus, Rapidshare

Review of the work done using E-infinity theory across many scientific fields.

physicsmathforums, Surfer-dude-stuns-physicists

"One can check here. But if you check the web page of King Abdullah Al Saud Institute for Nano & Advanced Technologies you don't find his name listed in the Committee Members of Establishing King Abdullah Institute for NANO Technology and there is no mention for him at all. That seems odd especially he is the director as he claimed."

One can check the web page for "Committees consultative sciencetisic"

web page for "Supervisory Committee to King Abdullah Institute for Nanotechnology" Another, Another.

Times and Forbes

"Elseiver could distribute these articles as jokes and I bet that they would be more profitable than distributing them as scientific papers."

Nature: "The editor of a theoretical-physics journal, who was facing growing criticism that he used its pages to publish numerous papers written by himself, is set to retire early next year....."

Article in German language published in DIE ZEIT whose title is "Betrug in der Wissenschaft" and the
English translation is (Fraud in science)

English and Arabic explanations on a situation involving El Naschie's half-brother (I think).

"Our Chinese Scientists on Nonlinear Dynamics are in infinite love and admiration to both the man and his science."

"Treading the path of El Naschie, we gather together to celebrate the century's greatest scientist after Newton and Einstein, and share his greatest achievement."

One can find more on this link.

[The following is not my assertion; I'm just quoting a commenter. --Ed]
El Naschie has been black-listed in xxx ArXives for affiliation arrogating (forging). More detail can be found in

Dr. El Naschie gives an audio interview about his work.

Baez crackpot index

There is a German discussion going on here about the disappearing ZEIT article:
Title: Wissenschaftsjournalismus und Pressefreiheit - Feigheit bei der Zeit(Science journalism and press freedom - ZEIT acting cowardly)

Scholarly Kitchen: El Naschie stuff

T'Hooft's Bad Physicist criteria

Link to online library card for El Naschie's doctoral thesis

Zoominfo page on El Naschie

Thilo Kuessner at


A late 2008 Curriculum Vitae for El Naschie! Pure gold!

Translate English to Arabic

محمد النشائي El Naschie Watch محمد النشائي El Naschie News محمد النشائي
محمد النشائي All El Naschie All The Time محمد النشائي


  1. The Zeit article can be found here:

    This link is near the top of the German blog posting linked at the end of your post.

  2. At the same place you find the painted picture of ElNaschie with books and ballon.