Friday, March 6, 2009

My infamous Hamas Photoshop

I've looked for all the instances in which the word "hamas" was used in text on this blog, including all the stuff I've archived from elsewhere, and numbered them (1) through (6). You can go read them below the fold if you want but it's not necessary for understanding what I say in this post.

Machine translations from Arabic are terrible, but it does seem from these passages that El Naschie and his supporters (or sockpuppets or whatever they are) are angry, or at the very least assuming an angry affect for strategic/legal reasons, about the graphic.

Martin Klicken never ceases to amaze me with his perspicuity. He points out that hamas (حماس) is not only an acronym for the violent Islamist organization, but also an Arabic word for diligence/dedication. Thus there are two hilariously different interpretations for the statement in (5) that El Naschie studied civil engineering with hamas (حماس). Sven points out that Hamas the organization did not exist in its current form at the time, putting the final nail in the coffin of that interpretation. Personally, I never thought El Naschie studied civil engineering with terrorists. I just thought the statement was so funny it required a Photoshop.

As you see, I've now added explanatory text to the graphic.

From That SCIAM comment archive:

(1) Signing An just to implicate Prof. Ali Nayfeh is of course one of those phony tricks. Ali Nayfeh is a Palestinian and a member of Hamas. He could be anything but he is not a coward. Those who sign as dor or Alshistawi or what have you are cowards and therefore, phony. (unknown El Naschi supporter)

From El Naschie slams El Naschie Watch!:

(2) If this webmaster is sufficiently stupid as it is apparently the case to add all these obscene and scandalous pictures with Hamas terrorists, then there is no doubt that Prof. El Naschie and his supporters will be delighted. For them and for any sane person, this is a court affidavit attesting for their perversity and the real reason behind the disgraceful defamation campaign and character assassination against Prof. El Naschie and his work. (unknown El Naschi supporter)

(3) and I studied engineering with Hamas, and this same sentence in which the defamation and stupidity, why .. When I studied engineering in the sixties was not the work of Yasser Arafat's own bodies .. Did not hear about Fatah and Hamas explicitly only recently .. In the smallness of this outrageous, but also I was a friend "Broujed to Bergo" From where I was a friend of Hamas and I know? (El Naschie)

(4) Identical to (2). (unknown El Naschi supporter)

From El Naschie Biography:

(5) EL NASCHIE STUDIED CIVIL ENGINEERING WITH HAMAS, and after graduating from the University of Hanover in Germany in 1968, he served nearly three years in some of the companies working in the design of streets and bridges... (machine translation of thread)

(6) the "HAMAS FACULTY LOUNGE" sign in my Photoshop graphic. (Humorous illustration I based on (5).)

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  1. I can't find (2) in either the interview at
    Where was that comment coming from again?

    Still, these interviews are tightly packed hilarious quote collections. Best of Mohamed S. El-Naschie, if you like:
    ـ كل الجالية العربية بكت وأتذكر أن غرق المدمرة إيلات هو الشيء الوحيد الذي جعلني أرتدي ملابسي وأعود ثانية لأسير في الشارع.
    And we didn't even start to show everybody how this guy is ensnaring the arabic readers. For those too lazy to use google translate or bablefish on this quote: he said, the sinking of the Israelian destroyer Eliat at October 21st, 1967 was making him wearing clothes again and come back on the street.

  2. ah, found it. (2) is from the SciAm comments. But these guys really sound all the same.

  3. The correct arabic in the picture should be
    أنه لم يدرس مع الأرهابيين. إنها مجرد مزحة

  4. Thank you for the correct Arabic! I have fixed it.