Saturday, March 7, 2009

"Professor" El Naschie II

Here's a homework assignment for El Naschie Watch readers. Let me provide the background.

Since my first blog entry on the veracity of El Naschie's claim to have been made a full professor, there have been some developments.

One is that his claim to have a PhD from University College London is established with enough confidence that Die Zeit, under pressure from El Naschie's lawyers, agreed to withdraw their assertion that he didn't have one from Christoph Drösser's piece. My guess is that he probably does have a PhD, although I acknowledge it's weirdly elusive.

Another is that the Naschie Party is claiming that proof of his having been made a full professor exists. It is allegedly in the form of paperwork signed by Prof. George Herrmann (1921-2007). From the bio, one infers that El Naschie's full professorship would have had to commence in the interval 1962 - 2007, as it was during these years that Herrmann himself was a full professor. The University granting El Naschie his full professorship would have had to be Northwestern or Stanford, as these were Herrmann's professorial affiliations.

And by now you may have guessed the assignment: Find out whether El Naschie was ever a full professor at Northwestern or Stanford.

I should make two final remarks. One, he still hasn't answered the question I put to him a month ago regarding the genesis of his full professorship. And two, although he has claimed many affiliations on his hundreds of numerology screeds, I am not aware of Northwestern or Stanford having been among them.
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  1. Actually, for the completeness of documentation, the PhD thesis is listed in the "Integrated Catalogue" of the British Library under the entry with system number 014720109:

    System number: 014720109
    Cataloguing level: Minimal record
    Author - personal: El Nashie, M. S.
    Title: The roll of formulation in elastic buckling.
    Publisher/year: [S.l.] : University of London, 1974.
    Physical descr.: pp. 348.
    Dissertation: Doctoral Thesis - University of London.
    Reproduction note: Microfilm. 35 mm.
    Added name: University of London.
    Holdings (All): Details
    Shelfmark: D11176/74 DSC Request

  2. Can anyone read the first page of this article:
    It shows at least where he saw himself at around 1976. Research associate at UCL and assisting professor in Riyadh University.

    The thesis. Yes. Would you care to get a copy and share it with us?

  3. Ah, interesting. Searching for author: El Naschie at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) produces a couple of hits, as the one quoted by Gomen Nasai. The most recent one ("Received Feb. 3, 1978") seems to be a "Reply by Author to A. H. Flax", by "M.S. El Naschie, University of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Assistant Professor".

    Another bunch of genuine papers seems to have been published in "ZAMM - Journal of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics" - search for "El Naschie" at Wiley Interscience.

    In the "Short Communication: A finite difference perturbation procedure for non-linear elastic stability problems" (Received: 28 February 1977), M. S. El Naschie is an "Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, University of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia".

    Then, in "Short Communications: Post-Buckling Analysis via Crotti-Engesser Theorem", (Received: 10 October 1984) he is already "Prof. Dr. El M. S. Naschie", and "Correspondence to El M. S. Naschie" should go to "51 Pitt Place, Church Street, Epsom, Surrey KT17 4PY, England".

    I guess focus should be on what has happened in between 1977 and 1984 ;-)

  4. Excellent. We should also add University of Riyadh/King Saud University to the shortlist of universities to check whether he was made full professor.

  5. Actually, it may be noteworthy that one of the coauthors of the 1977 paper on A finite difference perturbation procedure for non-linear elastic stability problems quoted above is Saleh Abdul Rahman Al-Athel, who from 1983 to 2007 has served as president of the King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology (KACST). Al Athel has also co-authored with El Naschie, for example, "Estimating the eigenvalue of fast reactors and cantorian space", in 2000. I see no reason to doubt that they are still networking together.

  6. It will be time soon to make a mind map and a timeline to bring the pieces of evidence and clues together. Volunteers! You can do it on your own website, if you want.