Thursday, March 19, 2009

Professor Golden Ratio, Keynote Speaker

Martin has directed my attention to this PDF, Programme Book for the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) Engineering Congress 2008. The graphic comes from there. In the document we find that El Naschie gave a one-hour talk:

1300-1400, Lunch and Prayer Break

1400-1500, Plenary Session IV – Mahkota III, Keynote Speaker #4: Prof. Mohamed El Naschie, “Nanotechnology for the Developing World - Dreams and Realities” Chairperson: Prof. M. Brillouet

1500-1530, Tea Break

I never cease being amazed at his success in putting one over on people and institutions in the developing world. I'm getting a little hoarse repeating myself here but may I say...

  • There's no evidence I'm aware of that he's actually a professor, in spite of his habit of calling himself one.

  • He just won't leave the (1 + sqrt 5)/2 nonsense alone, will he?

  • He marches ever onward with misdirection through intentional vagueness: I Googled "Frankfurt Association for the Advancement of Fundamental Research in Physics" (of which he claims to be a "Distinguished Fellow" in the graphic) and I got only three reasonably exact hits for that phrase: 1, 2, 3. Imagine my surprise in observing that all three hits are El Naschie hits.

What a guy.
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  1. El naschie has an enormous capital power. He is payiyg for Journalist in the midle east to write about his geniousity. I gues he is doing the same thing with people working in the universities there. In Egypt, he had several honorable position in cairo, mansoura, alex,..etc univeristies because he let people there to publish in his own journal CS&F without any peer review. There are a lot of corruption in the midle east that you can't imagine and apperiate it. It is enough to mention that he manage to deceive many universities and research instiutions in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. El naschie benfited too much
    from his capital power and the corruption present in the arabic world.

  2. The problem with the "Frankfurt Association for the Advancement of Fundamental Research in Physics" may be that this private association has no "official" English name - it is the "Frankfurter Förderverein für physikalische Grundlagenforschung". In 2002, the associaton awarded El Naschie the title of a "Distinguished Fellow" - see the program and pages 27-29 of the Festschrift.

    Similarly, the vague notion of being a founding member of physics establishment in Frankfurt university probably refers to his involvement in the foundation of the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies - whatever this may have been in detail.

  3. The arabic wikipedia page about El naschie has link to elnaschiewatch blog and you can check this in following link.

    Even on the discussion page related to El naschie
    What is written there in this page is surprising, here we just qoute from there

    "This is the Wikipedia and not some of the Arabic media El Naschie has under control.
    The article should therefor not be used to praise him, but to collect facts about his life and his role in scientific scandals.

    He is most popular outside Egypt not for his scientific achievements but for his scientific abuse, pseudo-science, abuse of his own journal, manipulation of media and lawsuits against bloggers and newspapers and threatening journalists. He is furthermore popular for the massive use of fake accounts on many blogs. Whether or not these statements are true has to be evaluated. This can be done in the Wikipedia article, e.g. by collecting sources, interviews, newspaper articels from the west (e.g. nature) etc. The Wikipedia article should not be a place where "standard El Naschie praise" is posted as can be found in many other Arabic media under his control. Wikipedia is not under his control. It must stay objective and search the truth."

    The case of El naschie has been recognized long time ago in the arabic world before John Baez discovered his case. But these news can't be revealed in the arabic media due to the huge curruption existing there.

    Moreover, the astonishing thing that El naschie
    could survive for a quit long time in Europe and remained as a Cheif editor of CS&F for almost nearly twenty years. I think he managed to damage the reputation of Cambridge to some extent. Even, he damaged the reputation of Nobel luerate G. Thoft when he dedicated some of his non sense papere to G. Thoft - (On quarks confinement and asymptotic freedom
    Chaos,Solitons and Fractals 37 (2008)1289–1291)-
    , who kept silent about this. I think even a third class physicist wouldn't be happy if El naschie dedicated one of his non sense paper to him, and for sure he would coplain and sue El naschie.

    It is a tempeting sugesstion to invoke the issue to sue Elsevier and El naschie for damaging the reputation of scintific puplishing. I think that the respctable instiutions, universities and research centers that paid for that junk CS$F must sue Elsevier and El naschie.

    I hope that Jason and Martin can play an important role in this issue of suing Elsevier and El naschie.

  4. how did El Naschie earn his money? From what does this crackpot live? I do not understand how he got that rich. Does somebody now this?

  5. El Naschie comes from one of the richest families in Egypt. His wealth is largely inherited.