Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sven Hanson, Naschie Party spokesman

(I'm not in Germany so I'm allowed to make that joke.)
To the Candy colored Clown calling himself Jason of El Naschie watch and who is sleepless in Seattle. Here is a song from the sandman to you:

You are doing a very good job for Mohamed El Naschie. You can be sure he will never take a solicitor to shut you up. Why should he? You are obviously an idiot and pose no danger. You have now credibility what so ever. You are absolutely nobody! Even Christoph Droesser is more of a somebody than you are. However you have a modest function. Every morning you are issuing a health certificate for the claim that it is a coordinated mafia-like campaign against Mohamed El Naschie . At the same time you are delivering the proof that you and who ever cares to read and believe your site must be brainless clowns. You are more of a Jimmy Bond than a James and on the top of that confined to the Internet prison. Truly pathetic!

Sven Hanson

Here's what I don't get.

SCIAM, n-category café, Backreaction, and sbseminar all sooner or later were frequented by Naschie Party members. The infestations became so severe that in some cases Webmasters shut down threads.

Why aren't they showing up here?

Even Sven's comment, addressed to me, he posted at SCIAM. WTF?

We all know what they'd say if you asked them: "You are too trivial to bother with." That would have been true not long ago. But things have changed.

  • We're on Google's first "El Naschie" page.

  • El Naschie has his lawyers studying us constantly.

  • El Naschie attacked this blog by name in an interview.

It is true no longer. Besides, if El Naschie Watch were too unimportant to bother addressing, he wouldn't.

Why aren't they here?
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  1. > Why aren't they here?

    Because of the way your Captcha is configured, it frequently looks like the "Post Comment" is disabled. Just gives a broken icon and no way past, plus **loses** all text that was typed. Since it's java scripted, you might not even be able to see in your logs how many have tried at failed.
    It never works when Cookies are off, and even when Cookies are on, it's necessary to type random text into the iconless box on the first try before finally getting a Captcha image on the second try. The "Preview" button also appears to be broken.

  2. This problem I saw on some computers when reading the blog, but it is not a problem with the blog, since with other computers it works without any problem. But yes, you are right, at some library computers, I also saw that captach problem and I had to enter "loading.." or some random text before I could actually post.

  3. Yeah, even as Webmaster I get some hiccups in the comment submission window. But I don't believe technical glitches in Blogger adequately explain the total absence of the Naschie Party here.

  4. The "Naschie Party" (nice expression) has always been using only selected venues to party. These locations typically have been discussion threads of some online publications, where commenting os free to all and where there is minimal or even no editorial oversight (and no systematical check of IP adresses ;-), that is).

    So, they started partying for example in the comment thread of the Telegraph article Surfer dude stuns physicists with theory of everything about Garrett Lisi, then they moved on the the FQXi Forum on Garrett, and where even granted private party ground, because they're party had grown to big for the original forum. Eventually, some of their trend scouts located the SCIAM forum, and the party moved on.. My guess is that occasional visits of their scouts at other blogs made clear to them that these locations would not meet their high standards for party grounds, and so the party didn't come.

  5. See, commenting is free here, too. Even no need to register, at SciAm you would need to register. And editorial oversight - as far as I know, no comment ever was removed from here.
    Leaves us with the fact that we are no scientific publisher...
    ...oh, yes and we look a little through the IP logs. Just to keep you all safe here. But the shadowy figures defending Mohamed El Naschie don't seem to like the light too much.

  6. I have never deleted a comment, and would like to have this unmoderated if possible. If the Naschie Party wants to come into the lion's den and get their ass... er... arse handed to them on a platter I'm good with it.

  7. Yes, the Naschie Party.

    They are Naschienal Socialists, you know.