Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This... is... Surreeeyyyyyy

Tonight we dine in hell. Or perhaps the reservation was for tomorrow night?

Teetering on the cusp of vomiting is far worse than being sick. It's the uncertainty that gets to you.

Howrey's here pretty much 24/7, but as silent as the dead.

And I am full of doubt as to which of us is the underdog. El Naschie and Howrey have power, money, a fearsome reputation, and terrifying track record.

But I have three advantages.

First, I imperil no deep-pocketed company or university. I'm a tiny target. I'm acting entirely on my own. Even if they were to win a big settlement against me, the amount they could recover, as a practical matter, is orders of magnitude less than the cost of litigation.

Second, under American law, humor directed at public figures like El Naschie is as sacrosanct as free speech can be.

And third, I'm telling the truth.
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