Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The thread that has it all

Yeah, the SCIAM thread.

From here down are the updates I just added. There are several repeat posts due to comment spamming, of which I have removed some but not all.

Here are a few of the best.

For drama, let's start with this furious attack on El Naschie:

There the monkey throws with his own excrement again. You are a coward Mohamed S. El Naschie, hiding behind the names Klaus-Peter Haase, Daniel Grossmann, Reg and Amazed and you have no right to accuse other people of hiding. Of course some people hide. If you go to the zoo and there is a monkey cage. And inside the cage are monkeys. And outside is a sign: "Be careful, the monkey throws with excrements." And the monkey inside the cage is very upset and you can't see one of his hands. Would you not protect yourself? You are a lying coward, throwing with excrement at everything that moves here. And you are a criminal Mohamed S. El Naschie, and the only reason why you can't shut your defamatory mouth is because you feel safe in this place because it has not been translated to Arabic now. But it will be translated. That was new for you, wasn't it? The watch blog suddenly started with some Arabic words. Here at SciAm you can feel safe. Arabic comments are not possible here. You don't even try to sound different with all the dozens of fake names you use to throw lies and accusations at other people.

And you are a criminal, Mohamed S. El Naschie and a traitor and a man without honour and without any respect or sense of decency, because you supposedly must be the one who set up that blog about a man who might have done mistakes and has difficulties as every person on earth makes mistakes and has difficulties. Maybe Said El-Nashaie did unlawful things. There is only one problem here: This has nothing at all to do with you. You fear the truth so much that you don't hesitate to do such things as telling about the mistakes of Said El-Nashaie. I don't know him. I don't know if he stole from his mother.
I know one thing, Mohamed S. El Naschie: You stole from the people who raised you, where you received your education by acting as a con man in science. You betrayed the Arabic world. You cheated on the Arabic people. You are a stain on the cloth of science. You are a con man and a criminal, lying about his affiliations. You stained many universities reputations and they expelled you. You betrayed on the people of Egypt and the Arabic world who put so much hope in you. You use their hope, you abused many people and the country where you received your education and you explain the holes in your web of lies about the Nobel prize by telling evil stories about racism and prejudice. You betrayed Ayman El-Okaby at University of Alexandria, destroying his scientific career before it started. You cheated on thousands of people. That is who you are. Every comment here will finally be translated to Arabic. We will see then if you dare to continue your productive work here in the SciAm comments in that way when that day comes.

Answer these questions: When and where did you ever had a lecture as a professor? What do you say to your defense to the fact that you copied your papers and plagiarized yourself? What do you say about the fact that you state in hundreds of Arabic webpages and interviews that you were a professor for eleven years at Cambridge? How much did you pay for the pathetic lawsuit against Die ZEIT that had a clear result: you finally got your mechanical doctorate now. And Robert Maxwell didn't need your financial help when he was in a tight spot, he just gave you Chaos, Solitions and Fractals because you are such a charming and handsome guy. All the rest stays as it was and your lawyers Howrey LLP couldn't achieve anymore with the money you gave them. The money you stole from science as a pseudo-science con artist and by that you stole from all the people paying taxes, from the cancer children waiting for a cure but don't get, because all around the world people, scientists, universities, libraries had to pay your egregious journal bundled by Elsevier. This money could have been put to better use. Think about that. Now continue throwing excrement and fly off on a tangent.


Let's move on to comedy. This next poster has obviously been reading this blog, and mercilessly taunts the Naschie Party by inserting random backticks into his comment:

Mohamed S. El Naschie at 02:30 PM on 03/10/09
Of`course I use the internet! My IP`address is:
Who is the so called Klein here speaking on my behal`f?
You are not giving an e`mail address or a real name. This is a blatant forgery and you will be liable to legal prosecution. You are just another internet terrorist paid by these people that don`t like my success.

Hahahaha, LOL.

And what to make of this?! The next commenter has simply re-posted the inarticulate pseudo-legal document I discussed in El Naschie "does not use the Internet"... after incorporating my corrections!

Klein at 10:58 AM on 03/10/09
For the record and as a reference to Court Discovery procedures, we draw the attention of Scientific American and particularly those responsible for this blog to the following:
1. Professor Mohamed El Naschie does not use the Internet. He has never commented and will never comment on this blog nor any other blog.
2. In particular the comment carrying his name and dated 03/08/09 is a forgery.
3. All comments purporting to be from Professor Mohamed El Naschie are forgeries. The imposters are liable to legal prosecution. The ultimate responsibility for these illegal actions however lies with Scientific American as masters of this site.
4. The comment purported to be by Dr. Aymann El Okaby 03/08/09 from the Department of Physics, Alexandria, Egypt is not from Aymann El Okaby.
5. The most likely people responsible for committing these forgeries are:
Said Elnashaie, Christopher Droesser, Renate Loll, Quirin Schiermeier and their associates.
6. The readers of this and others sites and blogs should be assured that neither Professor El Naschie nor anyone acting on behalf of Professor El Naschie, with the consent of Professor El Naschie would ever comment without giving real e-mail addresses and real names. Professor EL Naschie does not answer to allegations on the Internet. He also does not answer e-mails from unknown sources. He does not participate in discussions which are outside the norm and the written and unwritten laws of civilized behavior.
7. It is our considered opinion that the blog masters of this site should take this good advice and delete the forged comments and stop further abuse. This is supposed to be a scientific discussion. The comments now posted serve no scientific purpose what so ever.

Free Legal Advice

Finally, Elisabeth Steinbach, one of the backtick abusers, returns -- this time without the backticks! She's annoyed with me...

Elisabeth at 06:49 AM on 03/10/09
Jason is free to write whatever he likes. He needs not be worried about shutting him up. He enjoys what the Germans call “Narrenfreiheit”. In my rudimentary English this is something like the freedom of the fools. Nevertheless there are even more stupid people than Jason i.e. those who give him money to write this trash and those you spend time reading it, my goodself not within standing.

Elisabeth Steinbach

...and is certain that someone is paying me for my work on this blog. If only it were so, Elisabeth!

The SCIAM thread shows no sign of petering out, and truly offers something for everyone.
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  1. That`s real entertainment indeed! (Note the backtick, I am adopting the latest fashion trend ;-) in hip typesetting)

    More seriously, I wonder why SciAm is keeping this comment thread open? Has any of their editors ever read the posts? They have nothing to do with the topic, unless charging the authors of the article of theft, which is obviously litigable by British libel law, and may be dangerous for residents of Surrey ;-)

  2. مسرحية drama

    إنفعال مفرط pathos

    كوميديا هزلية comedy

    تراجيديا tragedy

    Are these correct translations of the words in the graphic? If so, I'll add them in.

  3. Godfather_08@live.frApril 3, 2009 at 8:43 AM

    Hi Jason !
    why all this talks about El Nashie ? Is he a bad person or a good person or just a person like us who have done some goods things and bad things ?

    or is because he is a successful arabic scientist ?

  4. Hello Godfather! Thank you for your question. In my opinion he's a bad person. He claims falsely to have been made a full professor. He claims that he deserves a Nobel prize, and that his not getting one is due to anti-Muslim, anti-Arab racism. (His papers are full of numerological twaddle; but that doesn't make him a bad person -- just an incompetent one.)

  5. Also, Godfather, my post Why are you doing this? tells why I do this.