Friday, March 13, 2009

Too good for a comment - Fairy stories

Martin's recent comment really should be on the front page so I'm putting it there:

What type of professional secretary would that be, that knows all the stupid stories El Naschie knows about the past 30-40 years, including those the sockpuppets are referring to about Said, his broken arm, his money problems, "who got you a job!??" "who got you a car!??" all these things where you think you are in one of these ridiculous talk shows where sooner or later some of the guests come to blows?

What type of secretary posting from Egyptian places, from Cairo, Riyadh etc. knows the German language almost as good as El Naschie does?

What kind of secretary is as interested in Western literature and movies, (Sherlock Holmes, The Gremlins, Sleepless in Seattle and thousands more) and loves to cite and invent metaphors and tell stories in the same kind of imperfect German as El Naschie would do?

The sockpuppets talk all the same language, they know English, German and all details of El Naschies life. Try to find people talking English fluently on the streets of Cairo. Among those, find some talking German too - For these two characteristics alone I think it will become very unlikely to hire such a person there - they are very rare. But there's more to it. Their knowledge appears to be almost unlimited. They know that El Naschie never uses the internet, they know when Ayman El Okaby writes emails or when he didn't (at least they believe to know that) and if the true D. Baron is online or not. They must be lifeforms sitting next to Mohamed El Naschies bed every night, learning his English, his German, his backticks, his stories. They must love him. Then, when El Naschie falls asleep - they adjust his blanket and then hover to the computer - of course with no consent of El Naschie - and write all the things that otherwise only El Naschie could write himself. They even think the same way he does. If El Naschie makes a mistake and forgets the right spelling of Christoph Drösser and makes that Christopher Drosser, ALL the sockpuppets suffer subsequently from the same memory loss. Imagine that for a bunch of real people coming from different parts of the globe, writing English and German comments, knowing what they talk about and consulting different sources (e.g. reading the actual ZEIT article) ALL experiencing the same shift in memory, from Christoph to Christopher, the same delusion. That is a telepathic connection, a type of entanglement that is inconceivable for many of us. But not for Mohamed El Naschie.

But seen from the outside - I'm quite sure we would never be able to see any of his imaginary fairy friends sharing so many attributes, memories, language skills, style of writing and even temper with him. Even with these people sitting right next to him - I'm afraid I don't expect them to appear on a group photo. But they are very real for him. And I think we should respect that until the day comes where he himself is ready to accept that they are not really there. And voluntarily gives up on these friends and is able to talk to us without their help. Until then, they kind of protect him.
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  1. > But they are very real for him.

    Ah, so you regard him as another "beautiful mind" like John Nash -- and thus perhaps Nobel material after all?