Saturday, March 14, 2009

Typical El Naschie interview

1. Affect heroic bravery.
I am an advocate of science, and will not shut up

2. Pretend Nobel-worthiness.
I was a candidate for the Nobel Prize since 6 years... I am a candidate for the Nobel-known in the world, retired since I was 35 years old

3. Disguise self-promotion as beneficence.
I weep for the state of the situation of slums and poor

4. Exploit manufactured reputation to instill false hope.
nano-technological applications will raise the standard of living, and will eliminate poverty

5. Ass-kissing interviews only, please.
Am I who I asked you to hold this dialogue, or you who contacted me?!

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  1. I think the last recent arabic interview for El naschie can be found on

  2. The recent arabic talk for El naschie on

  3. It's an excellent interview, most but not all of which I have seen before. I have seen this part:

    "in recent years has been to withhold the prize from me, although I deserve it, this does not deny that those who have it do not deserve it; but the Nobel committee dealing bias against scientists from the two types; because I am an Arab and Muslim"

  4. Haha cool. That second one is completely new to me! Gold.

  5. نوبل ضد العرب والمسلمين
    * برز اسمك في الترشيحات لنيل جائزة نوبل من قبل إحدى الجامعات الصينية.. فماذا حصل بعد ذلك.. ولمَ لمْ تفز بالجائزة؟
    منذ خمس سنوات يقال لي مثل هذا الكلام؛ لكن ماذا عساي أن أفعل.. فالحائز على نوبل في الفيزياء هذا العام أستاذي؛ ولكن في السنوات الأخيرة تم حجب الجائزة عني رغم أني أستحقها، هذا لا ينفي أن الذين حصلوا عليها لا يستحقونها؛ ولكن لجنة نوبل تتعامل بتحيّز ضد العلماء من نوعي؛ لأني عربي ومسلم، وليس هذا فقط ما تعرضت إليه من اضطهاد؛ بل هناك باحث إسرائيلي نشر أبحاثي باسمه وضاع حقي فيها، رغم تسجيلي لها في الأكاديميات العلمية التي عملت بها، ولكن جائزة نوبل لا تجعل من الشخص عالمًا، والمشكلة أن العرب يتعاملون بشيء من الصبيانية مع «نوبل»، ينظرون إليها بنظرية الجوع المفهوم للنفسية العربية وجوع لتقدير الغرب لنا لدرجة أننا نعتقد أن من يحصل على هذه الجوائز فقط يستحق التقدير، ولا نحتفي بعلمائنا إلا في حالة فوزهم بجائزة دولية، وننظر إلى الواحد منهم على أنه يستطيع أن يدلي برأي علمي معتبر في جميع نواحي المعرفة، مما أفقدنا القدرة على الحكم في أنفسنا لدرجة أن طبيبًا مثل الدكتور مصطفى السيد مشهور في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية يتسابق الجميع هنا لتكريمه بعد أن منحه الرئيس الأمريكي جورج بوش درعًا تكريميا لأبحاثه في علاج السرطان مستخدما النانو تكنولوجي، بالإضافة إلى أن معظم الجوائز العربية تمنح لشخصيات أجنبية وقلما تمنح للعرب.. جوائز نوبل ليست الحل لمشاكلنا ولو أن 20 عالمًا مصريًّا مثلا حصلوا على نوبل لن يستطيعوا إصلاح حال البلد.

    This is from last recent arabic interview for El naschie that can be found on

    English translation

    Nobel against Arabs and Muslims

    Your name emerged in the nominations for the Nobel Prize by a Chinese university .. What happened after that .. Why you Did not win the prize?
    Since five years I have been continously told about that ; but what can I do,.. the Nobel prize winer in physics this year was my teacher. But in recent years it has been to withhold the prize from me, although I deserve it, this does not mean that those who have it do not deserve it; but the Nobel committee dealing bias against scientists of my kind; because I am an Arab and Muslim, and not only that they were exposed from the persecution; but there is an Israeli researcher forged my publication under his name and I lost my right, despite the documentary in the academies of science where I has worked. The Nobel Prize does not make the person a scientist, and the problem is that the Arabs are dealing with some of the childish with Nobel prize. This can be attributed to theory of hunger psychological concept of the Arab and their hunger to the discretion of the West. So we believe that who have these awards only deserves appreciation, and celebrate Baalmaina only in the event of winning an international award, and look at one of them that they can make a significant scientific opinion in all aspects of knowledge, which missed us the ability in evaluating ourselves to the extent that doctors such as Dr., Mr. Mustafa Elsayed who is famous in the United States vying for everyone here to honor him after President George W. Bush in honor of the shield of his research in cancer treatment using nano-technology. In addition to the fact that most awards given to Arab and foreign personalities rarely given to the Arabs. . Nobel prizes are not the solution to our problems, even though the 20 Egyptian scientists received the Nobel for example, will not be able to reform the country.