Friday, March 13, 2009

Who reads our blog III

More lawyers, that's who.

There's Howrey, of course. They read our blog from at least four different IP addresses. That's not counting Howrey and Simon in Washington DC.

Taylor Wessing, another law firm, is reading us too now.

As I go down the list I often wonder what a visitor is doing here. Taylor Wessing isn't necessarily on El Naschie's payroll. They may just have heard about this blog from a Howrey friend, and thought they'd have a look. Similarly, I wonder what MWW, a public relations firm, is doing here. It's possible that El Naschie is their client, but to me it seems more likely that they heard about us through the grape vine: "Hey, want to see someone with a PR problem? Check out this blog. Hahahahaha."

The Syrian Ministry of Higher Education likes this blog. No idea why.

Some visitors here, like Elsevier's competitor Springer Verlag, are probably just enjoying Elsevier's and El Naschie's discomfiture. In German I think it's called schadenfreude.
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  1. It is possible that Taylor Wessing is defending Nature in this lawsuit

    "El Naschie claims his reputation has been seriously damaged and that he has suffered considerable hurt, distress and embarrassment as a result of the article.

    He claims Nature Publishing Group and Schiermeier made no proper effort to contact him or to give him a chance to respond to the serious allegations and that as a direct result of the story his service contracts with the King Saud University of Saudi Arabia were frozen, and regular invitations to lecture in the Middle East dried up."

  2. This was also picked up here:
    with the usual sockpuppet commentary.

    The elnaschiewatch could have remained a more informative resource, but seems compromised by the webmaster's curious predilection for homoerotic imagery.