Monday, March 2, 2009

Who reads our infant(ile) blog?

In case you're curious.

  • The El Naschie Watch blog has existed for only three weeks.

  • The Arabic translation feature has only been working for a few days.

  • We've only been collecting IP data for two days.

This is a baby picture of the readership situation.

Nearly 92 percent of our readers come from only 4 countries:

A. CountryB. Percent of ReadershipC. Population (millions)D. Normalized B/C
United States51.233041
United Kingdom15.12611.47
Saudi Arabia12.48282.64

The last column is a measure of the interest the country has in the blog, normalized to 1 for the United States. The interest in Germany and Saudi Arabia is astonishly high. I mean this blog... is in English!

The Egyptians have hardly noticed. When they do, the shit will hit the fan.

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  1. Why would the Egyptians be upset?

  2. Because, allthough he's held in high regard throughout the Arab world, in Egypt he's a demigod. Maybe I'll do a post on this.