Monday, March 2, 2009

Why hasn't El Naschie Won the Nobel Yet?

Ever. Notice. They (the Physics Police, Plagiarism Unit) only go after Muslims?

And when it comes to Nobel Prizes, Professor El Naschie, in an interview (machine translation from Arabic hence the poor English) explains:

...Valhaiz the Nobel prize in physics this year, my teacher; but in recent years has been to withhold the prize from me, although I deserve it, this does not deny that those who have it do not deserve it; but the Nobel committee dealing bias against scientists from the two types; because I am an Arab and a Muslim, and not only that they were exposed from the persecution; but there is an Israeli researcher Obhathi publication of his name and lost my right. [A Jew. -Ed]...

He's not getting the Nobel because he's


  • ARAB

We get letters that say
...for five years, he has been saying that he is a Nobel prize candidate. He also claims that the West does not appreciate his works because of his firstname/nationality/religion...

i.e., he's not getting it because he's




The Nobel committee has so many racist excuses for not giving it to him. But not only racist excuses. They also won't give it to him because he's


Don't tell me he enjoys ice skating and skiing. Fatuous insinuations that disabled people shouldn't have the same right to fun and exercise as everyone else are not tolerated here at El Naschie Watch.

[This is an older article I'm reposting out of order simply because I accidentally deleted it from the Blogger server and had to reconstruct it. -- Ed]

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    And why didn't he win it this year? A purely rhetorical question. :D