Thursday, April 9, 2009

Apparent sock puppetry again

Word's gone out to avoid those damn backticks. We haven't seen them in quite some time. Unfortunately, the El Naschie flunkie tasked with the great man's defense on the SCIAM thread is still unable to find the apostrophe key, and the latest substition, "" is no improvement.

The following Naschie Party sock puppets all use a sideways T for an apostrophe:

  • Atef

  • elokaby

  • Maysa

  • Zeigrid G.

  • Bridget Bardot

  • John the Baptist

  • M. Hartley

  • The Real D. Baron

  • Whistler

  • Margie

  • EInfinity Club

  • Company

  • King of the Old Incas in Transylvania

(The typographical affectation does occur in a post of An and a post of Prego Senor, who are not Naschie Party members; however in those cases it's in quoted material, apparently copied and pasted.)
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  1. Actually, some of the SCIAM sockpuppets could be fake sockpuppets, making fun of the true sockpuppets. After all, it seems not to complicated to copy the typical sockpuppet's style, and finally, just make sure to use correct apostrohes`


  2. Haha well seriously though. The sock puppets I listed are angry and earnest in El Naschie's defense. There's no sarcasm or other evidence of fakery that I can see.

  3. By the way it may be that the sideways T symbol is browser-dependent. I see it in IE. In Firefox I see a different weird symbol. I haven't tried other browsers.

  4. The sockpuppets have found a new sport - here is the latest comment from the SciAm thread:

    Christoph at 12:38 PM on 04/10/09
    Jason, Sie haben so viel auf Deutsch in Ihrem Blog. Ich bin sicher Sie verstehen Deutsch und deshalb möchte ich Ihnen unmissverständlich meine Meinung sagen. Sie sind ein verlogenes Schwein und ein Arschloch wie es im Buche steht! Viele Grüße Christoph Drösser

    Now, can Christoph Drösser sue SciAm for slander because they allow sockpuckets to abuse their site to slander him by attributing strongly abusive use of language to him? Will SciAm finally come to reason and shut down this abominable thread consisting mainly of libel and slander? Will this reliable source of some good fun comments will be lost?

  5. Maybe the alter ego of Christoph on SCIAM is not aware of the fact that the real Christoph Drösser already posted a comment on elnaschiewatch - in English:


  6. In some comments on the SCIAM thread the backticks can be seen again. When will those sockpuppets realize that their style can be evident even to a blind man?


  7. The Sciam comments thread lists 648 entries but there were 649 the last days. Which entry was removed???

  8. Good observation. I don't know what they pulled this time but sometime if they notice a double post they pull it. Generally their attitude is admirably hands-off.

  9. It seems that SCIAM deleted 100 or so comments; the number of entries dropped to 547 (current number).

    The cut is huge, e.g. all the comments dated between Apr 13 and Apr 18 (including dead threats to Jason) disappeared.


  10. Haha well I'm not deleting them here. I'll just keep adding the latest. Our record becomes the definative one.

  11. Comments at SciAm down to 399. Seems like they want the party to be over.