Sunday, April 19, 2009

Awesomely dumbass El Naschie quotes

Someone's being libeled here and it's not Dr. El Naschie.

March 3 El Naschie interview:

I was accused of the events of September 11 [Yeah? By whom? --Ed]

They also took up my family and my daughters [I know nothing about the great man's family --Ed]

Another El Naschie interview:

I did bring down the twin towers of America [accusing me of accusing him apparently --Ed]

EInfinity club:

involving family members, writing things about Hamas and 911 and playing with these malicious innuendos is simply not acceptable. [you're deluded. --Ed]

by mentioning twin towers and 9/11 you are implicating the whole of Egypt. [completely off your rocker --Ed]

Tell us what you're even talking about, morons.

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  1. New comments on sciam which I think they are relevant

    I have found an amazing article due Amr El naschie (brother of M. S. Elnaschie) celebrating his brother.s 60th birthday.
    The article is published in Chaos,Solitons and Fractals 25 (2005)767 -768 under the title Recollections.

    Here are some short bits from the article

    " ..But my brother believes that I suffer
    from total lack of imagination and technological fatness because I do not change disciplines every 10 years. .."

    ".. I would
    love to lock up the said colleague with Professor El Naschie,or ...,and reveal to the former that the latter was trained as a structural engineer,and is now a pinnacle of nuclear and particle physics,amongst other things."

    " He,Mohamed,is indeed brilliant,but all those who will read my article know that already.He is versatile and is a
    visionary,but these are characteristics that all those who meet him conclude that he enjoys."

    "I continued though to say that
    although I do not see Mohamed much,I admire him from a distance;whilst I could not afford the same admiration to
    our middle brother Saiid,who really looked after me and helped me grow up. .."

    "....When I was 17,I visited Mohamed in London,and followed this by a visit to Saiid in Edinburgh.There was a hot
    competition between them regarding who would be able to convince me to leave the Medical School at Cairo University
    and go into engineering;civil,like Mohamed,or chemical,like Saiid. "

    "This was in 1973,the year my name appeared on a paper,with Mohamed,published in the Journal of the
    American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. "

    "..Being Mohamed El Naschie's brother is a major responsibility!You are expected to be somewhat of a genius,which I certainly am not.OK,I still hold the dubious distinction of being the youngest full professor in Civil Engineering at Imperial College,London,and certainly the first,and hitherto the only,Middle Eastern full professor and Head of Section,but how high this stacks up next to the series of professor positions that Mohamed has piled up in four continents?.."

    "I am inspired along the route
    of publish or perish by Mohamed's publication record (journal papers in the hundreds)and the story of Thomas

    I have some doubts that Amr El naschie wrote this article.
    This article is mentioned no where on his website
    The man should be proud to celebrate birthday of his brother who is considered as the most influential scientist in the history of man kind. One can even send e-mail to to get confirmation about his article.

  2. The second relevant comments on sciam

    Comments on the article of Amr El naschie

    Of course M. S. El naschie is interested in every things and he can change his field every 10 years and may be every day. But how Amr Elnashie did know that his brother is a pinnacle of nuclear and particle physics,amongst other things.
    Does he know what his brother has published in particle physics is non sense. It didn't happen to him to read by chance any of his brother's article to discover easily it is non sense. Did he discovered that in most of his brother's papers equations are not numbered. How he was sure that his brother is a really brilliant one, is that impression got by reading his trivial papers.

    According to Amr El naschie
    " I continued though to say that
    although I do not see Mohamed much,I admire him from a distance; whilst I could not a fford the same admiration to
    our middle brother Saiid,who really looked after me and helped me grow up."

    ---Why this prejudice against Saiid, can he give us more explanation.

    Telling about professor's positions piled by El naschie in four continents? It is a favor to tell us where he got professor title.

    you were admiring M. S. Elnaschie publishing record, do you know that he published few hundreds of non sense papers in CS&F where he was the editor in Chief abusing his editorial power.

    The fraudulence of M. S. El naschie is evident even for non specialist.

    Of course one should check if Amr El naschie has really written that article or not. Chaos,Solitons and Fractals 25 (2005)767 –768

    The e-mail of Amr Elnaschie is
    Amr S. Elnashai, Ph.D.
    Bill and Elaine Hall Endowed Professor of Civil Engineering
    Director Mid-America Earthquake Center
    Director NEES-MUSTSIM Facility
    Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
    University of Illinois
    2129e Newmark Civil Engineering Laboratory, MC-250
    205 North Mathews Avenue
    Urbana, Illinois 61801
    Phone: (217) 265-5497
    Fax: (217) 265-8040

  3. In the same volume is an appraisal by Prof. Marienssen of Frankfurt University, on page 805. It seems to be written by him, but the way how in this case a real physics professor praises that crackpot stuff by el Naschie is disgusting. In the same volume, there is also an Article by Greiner. However, it does not praise Naschie. Also, there is a crackpot article by Roessler. And an article by his former doctorate student Diebner. Some of what Dibner publishes also seems to be "weak". Although not completely insane, like El Naschie's publications