Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dies iræ, dies illa

Dies iræ, dies illa
Solvet sæclum in favilla,
teste David cum Sibylla

(Day of wrath! Day of mourning!, a day that the world will dissolve in ashes, as foretold by David and the Sibyl)

One of El Naschie's fiercest critics has emailed me to ask that I remove certain material from this site, lest they be sued.

What a shame.

I am El Naschie's enemy, not this person's. I'm open to advice from our readers as to how to proceed.

A raison d'être for this blog is to serve as a repository for precisely the kind of information I am being asked to remove. I can remove it or not. If I do remove it, I'm shutting down the blog.

If the material archived here interests you, you'd better download it while you can.
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  1. While I surf blog , i found a all new trick in

    Vistor can comment and EMBED VIDEO YOUTUBE , IMAGE. Showed Immediately!
    EX : View Source.
    (add photos and videos to Blogspot comments).
    Written it very smart!
    I wonder how they do it ? Anyone know about this , please tell me :D
    (sr for my bad english ^_^)


  2. I don't know. I tried using the image tag in a comment and blogger didn't allow it.