Sunday, April 19, 2009

El Naschie Watch Cliches 101

For newcomers, we should explain them. Here's the glossary.

Naschie Party

Dr. El Naschie's sock puppets. (I'd say "supporters" but they all seem to be sock puppets.) Pun based on soundalike expression "Nazi Party".

Naschienal Socialists

Same as "Naschie Party". Pun based on soundalike expression "National Socialists" (Nazis). This is also used to refer to members of the E-Infinity group.

The Great Man

(Sarcastic.) Dr. Mohamed S. El Naschie.

The Brotherhood or The Shadowy Brotherhood

The secretive E-Infinity group, whose members write long wall-of-text style screeds in praise of El Naschie.

The dead at risk or El Naschie's curse

El Naschie frequently claims that various famous people were his mentors, or greatly influenced him. Of course when those people are dead, which is usually the case, they cannot defend themselves from the embarrassing charge. We sometimes joke that anyone who dies is at risk of having mentored him.

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