Saturday, April 18, 2009 is under construction

Thanks to Shrink for pointing this out.

What in the world is he up to? General maintenance? Redesign/makeover? Retracting his "full professor" claim?

Maybe he's going to link to us! Ha! I'm on the edge of my chair.

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  1. Does any one have a backup copy of El-naschie webpage to compare it with his new version when it will appear.

  2. two (although rather bad) copies are here:*/

  3. yes, and we had a similar downtime phenomenon of a few days ago and I asked Jason to check it and we hold complete copies of it. is just great, but they don't keep the images, and they are hilarious.

  4. I think despite of the provocative comments at SciAm, he is now trying to destroy evidence of his lies about "full professorship". We got the rat. Now he is hiding, soon he will join his brother at sinai, hiding from the police and the arabic, part-tearing mob of good followers that kill everybody who cheats on them or clicks the wrong buttons in photoshop.

  5. By the way: Has someone now filed a trial against him (in german: Hat jemand nun eine Anzeige gegen Naschie wegen Titelmisbrauch bei der Polizei aufgegeben?)

  6. There has been a slight change in the registration of the domain yesterday: No more "Dr. Thomas Kaiser IV Schloss Reinach GmbH"... it's now, according to whois,netdomain:
    created: 28-Aug-2006
    last-changed: 18-Apr-2009
    registration-expiration: 28-Aug-2009



    registrant-firstname: Anke
    registrant-lastname: Boehm
    registrant-street1: St.-Erentrudis-Str. 12
    registrant-pcode: 79112
    registrant-city: Freiburg im Breisgau
    registrant-ccode: DE
    registrant-phone: +49.1702705252

    admin-c-firstname: Anke
    admin-c-lastname: Boehm
    admin-c-street1: St.-Erentrudis-Str. 12
    admin-c-pcode: 79112
    admin-c-city: Freiburg im Breisgau
    admin-c-ccode: DE
    admin-c-phone: +49.1702705252

  7. Actually, according to this page about Hotel Schloss Reinach, we have/had Director: Mrs. Anke Boehm (no date give on the page...)

    Today's web page of Schloss Reinach says that "Im Juli 2007 ging Schloss Reinach nach zweijähriger Insolvenzverwaltung in den Besitz von Beatrix und René Gessler über."

  8. When one does a phonebook search for "Anke Boehm", one finds no one of that name at this adress St.-Erentrudis-Str. 12. This may mean nothing. Maybe she just has no phone. But there is a phone number in the wois entry....

    The firm however, seems to exist. The homepage is here: and there also is an adress given for that firm. However, it is of course different from St.-Erentrudis-Str....

    I somewhat believe that someone wants to hide his real adress here. Is this legal? giving a wrong adress in a whois database?

  9. El Naschie's site is up again. It still contains the phrase about him being "full professor of engineering". Did someone show this together with the whois entry to the police?