Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Goodbye G. 't Hooft, Hello D. Winter

BIG CORRECTION -- my apologies to El Naschie. EInfinity Club tells me El Naschie has never met D. Winter, and I believe that. Removing the Winter stuff from this post as irrelevant. See below the fold for the reason for my mistake.

El Naschie and his retinue are aggrieved that he, Garnet Ord and Laurent Nottale aren't being cited by Jerzy Jurkiewicz, Renate Loll and Jan Ambjorn in the SCIAM article Using Causality to Solve the Puzzle of Quantum Spacetime. Particularly galling to El Naschie is that Renate Loll is (according to EInfinity Club, "right hand of") close to Gerard 't Hooft. El Naschie considered 't Hooft a good friend and even dedicated a paper to him. (Not sure I'd want that honor, but I guess it's the thought that counts.) It's "extremely disappointing but [the friendship] will come to an end one way or another" says EInfinity Club, who seems to know whereof he or she speaks.

While the staff here at El Naschie Watch have never met El Naschie, we think he's probably a nice, personable fellow, and one who makes friends easily. Here in emails from February 2008 he's being very nice to an admirer named Dr. Dan Winter and lands himself an invitation to a conference in Budapest, May 16-19 2008, the Second Unified Field Physics Conference or as it's called sometimes the Second Unified Theories Conference.

(Winter material deleted)

Winter lists El Naschie as a speaker at the conference -- I accept that's just a mistake (click for bigger image):

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