Friday, April 3, 2009

I guess I can tell you who

John Baez. It's not an April Fools' hoax. I tried to call him at home but we didn't connect. His email request is genuine, though; i.e., it does originate from him and not some Naschie Party imposter.

What he wants is for me to delete That Hard-to-Find Baez Material, which he says I lifted wholesale from his blog, a characterization I disagree with: What I did was to rescue that treasure from the trash.

Amazingly, he says that he doesn't know who Howrey is, and that nobody pressured him. He doesn't want to be next in line after Die Zeit and Nature. He wants to reduce his visibility, he doesn't want to waste his time on such stuff, and that if I want to stick someone's neck out it should be mine, not his.

Commenters have made two perspicatious observations on this matter. 1. The material ought to be uploaded to Wikileaks. This is a great idea, but as I read their charter, it would be best if someone other than me, some anonymous person, were to to do the uploading. 2. Baez did what he could to reduce his legal vulnerability by taking down his El Naschie material. The preservation of that material on this blog (or elsewhere on the Internet beyond his control) does not put him at increased legal risk.
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  1. The case of El naschie has been recognized long time ago in the arabic world before John Baez discovered his case. But these news can't be revealed in the arabic media due to the huge curruption existing there.

    Moreover, the astonishing thing that El naschie
    could survive for a quit long time in Europe and remained as a Cheif editor of CS&F for almost nearly twenty years. I think he managed to damage the reputation of Cambridge to some extent. Even, he damaged the reputation of Nobel luerate G. Thooft when he dedicated some of his non sense papere to G. Thooft - (On quarks confinement and asymptotic freedom
    Chaos,Solitons and Fractals 37 (2008)1289–1291)-
    , who kept silent about this. I think even a third class physicist wouldn't be happy if El naschie dedicated one of his non sense paper to him, and for sure he would coplain and sue El naschie.

    It is a tempeting sugesstion to invoke the issue to sue Elsevier and El naschie for damaging the reputation of scintific puplishing. I think that the respctable instiutions, universities and research centers that paid for that junk CS$F must sue Elsevier and El naschie.

    I hope that Jason and Martin can play an important role in this issue of suing Elsevier and El naschie.

  2. Hey, we are just some guys trying to keep the facts available and writing about what we think here. We are in no position to sue Elsevier or El Naschie for crimes against science or anything. I appreciate the hope you put in us, but our most powerful weapon is not a weapon of attack, but one of defence. We have to inform people as good as we can and try to stand our ground. That is about what I see from here we can do. And as you see from some people's reactions, even this can not be taken for granted. We try to hold our position and see what comes up next.

  3. By the way I have converted That Hard-to-Find Baez Material into a PDF and submitted it to Wikileaks. When and if they accept it I'll remove the material from this blog, as Baez requested, and link to it.

  4. > He wants to reduce his visibility, he doesn't want to waste his time on such stuff, and that if I want to stick someone's neck out it should be mine, not his.

    The material should remain here.
    Baez's attitude on this is indefensible.
    He is primarily known for his crackpot index
    Then he puts his training to an appropriate purpose, assessing the mathematical physics content of a series of nonsensical "published" articles by a notorious author. But Baez learns this is not the usual small-fry he lambasts, and wants to "reduce his visibility".
    The temerity of Baez and his ilk is precisely why evil like El Naschie persists in the academic community -- everyone knows there is something very wrong but there is a conspiracy of circumspect silence.
    On the one occasion Baez's accurate analysis of a situation can be useful for the greater good, he instead tries to lay low and go back to swatting fleas, unwilling to take a principled stand.

    If every established academic backed down from critical analysis for fear of legal action, then academic progress would grind to a halt.
    It is left to the Skodas of the world to slay the Goliaths.

  5. Awsomely well said. I agree completely. This blog really is the best place for that material. And Baez's apprehension at having stuck his neck out, and current attempt to retract his neck, are all the more shameful when we learn that El Naschie's lawyers haven't even threatened him! He doesn't know who Howrey is! John "Crackpot Index" Baez turns out to be a wimp when it comes to even potential confrontations with bullying gazillionaire crackpots.

    So, yes, the arguments he's made for removal of the material are not compelling. On the other hand, he could argue on the basis of, say, copyright. I'm not an expert on copyright law, but it just seems like a stronger argument.

    Wikileaks has not responded to my submission. No email, nothing. I'm not sure what to think. It's possible they won't accept it. I'd much prefer to continue hosting the material on this blog anyway, but I certainly won't take it down before a new host like Wikileaks can be found that I can link to.

  6. > I'm not an expert on copyright law, but it just seems like a stronger argument.

    Not strong enough in this case.
    His was not a private e-mail correspondence. He intentionally put his lucid analysis out there for public consumption, knowing full well in 2008 that it would be harvested, indexed, and cached by major search engines.
    As long as elnaschiewatch is non-commercial, intended for nonprofit educational purposes, keeping it here falls under the Fair Use provision of copyright law.

    If Howley wanted him, they've had him long before this blog went up.
    The battle right now remains between MSElN and Elsevier, a battle neither can win without getting even dirtier, and the ultimate prize is control of a journal with no value -- an irresistible spectator sport.

  7. Hey anonymous if you want to join me and Martin as contributors, send me an email.

  8. I don't want to defend Baez's actual stand, but I must point to another crackpot story which Baez covered:

    Maybe these twin brothers are not of the same caliber as El Naschie is, but can be considered - without doubt - more than a small-fry Baez and others lambasted.

    I don't know the exact reason of his retreat but I suspect he's just annoyed with the whole story and tries not to be a part of it anymore. It's up to us now to continue.


  9. Yes. Let's give Baez credit where credit is due.