Sunday, April 5, 2009

An invitation to the Naschie Party

As you probably know, El Naschie has criticized this blog by name in an interview in the Arabic media.

To me it seems odd that he was able to do that, as he is known to not use the Internet, but whatever.

Comments here are unmoderated. Say whatever you like.

I also placed an invitation on the SCIAM thread:

Hello El Naschie supporters! Jason here, from the El Naschie Watch blog, which El Naschie himself has criticized by name in an interview. You are warmly invited to post comments on my blog, which is unmoderated. Anything goes.

And EInfinity Club responded to it:

This is a direct response to comment of April 4, 2009 posted by Jason. Dear Jason: You have outlined the problem better than anyone of us could do. You said anything goes. That is it precisely. The majority of us, if I may say so, subscribe to the value which I know for sure that Mohamed Elnaschie cherishes. There are limits to what one can say or not say. These limits are constituted by truthfulness, good taste and civilized ways of conducting a debate and a controversy. It is lamentable that most human beings change their attitude as soon as they think they are not visible or when using pseudo names. We think what you can say without giving your real identity should not differ from anything you say when you put your signature under it. Some of the stuff you wrote about Prof. Elnaschie is simply and extremely in bad taste. Others were truly funny. Some have shown a sense of humor on the borderline between what can and what cannot be said. However, involving family members, writing things about Hamas and 911 and playing with these malicious innuendos is simply not acceptable. The campaign against Elnaschie was planned and financed by people who are meantime very well known to us all. The green light was given to John Baez to start it. He was ideally suited because he stood with one foot in the world of academia and with the other in the internet and even far worse than the internet. Let us call it the darker side of the internet business more connected to the mob than to the internet. John Baez was instructed by a group in the University of Utrecht. They contacted Banks and Dawker in England and USA. Then there was Said who is a very very sad figure. Then there are those who aspired to become the President of the most important Arab nation. So you have a m?nge of Nobel Laureates all the way down to character assassins. It is not a joy for anyone to make this experience, but Mohamed El naschie is more than capable in dealing with them. We dont hold a grudge against you personally and we have regarded the site as just another effort to smear the reputation of Elnaschie. You are right when you said that Elnaschie made a reference to you in the media in the Arab world and it is true that you are being watched by the Secret Service of several countries. However you are wrong to think that Prof. Elnaschie wanted to close down this site or that he ordered anything of the sort. Prof. Elnaschie knew about Renate Loll relatively recently and I must say that is the only thing that upset him. He could not care less about Renate Loll, however he cares about the fact that she is connected or is the right hand of a very important friend of his which is extremely disappointing but will come to an end one way or another. Prof. Elnaschie could not give a damn about Die Zeit nor this new paper in the Newscientist. He does not care one bit about anything published in the proceedings of the Royal Society because his teacher told him once if you want to bury a paper, publish it in the proceedings of the Royal Society. What is upsetting for him is the lie which they spread in Nature which he takes very seriously. So where does all this leave us? I guess if you put rules for your site, stick to good taste and humor, Elnaschie is the first person to laugh about himself and he has a very peculiar sense of humor just like you. But there has to be a limit and this limit is good taste, truthfulness and morality. If you are ready to abide by these rules, then I will ask our group to use your blogs as a forum for scientific discussion which can be as heated as you want but no exchange for personal insults and three lettered words. Hope this explains our position.

Which reminds me, I should update the local cache of the SCIAM thread as it has grown from 522 to 559 comments since the last refresh. But let me respond to EInfinity Club.

When I said "Anything goes" I meant that simply as an assurance to you that your comments about El Naschie matters would not be deleted. Looking back at some of the blog threads that Nasche supporters have participated in in the past on other blogs I see that some have been censored or shut down, and I know from my own experience that when I put care and time into a post that that's infuriating.

Like you, I appreciate good humor, civility, good taste truthfulness and morality. While I can give my my honest assurance to abide by them, I cannot guarantee that you will agree with my judgement on each case. What is acceptable in spirited dialogs varies from person to person, and especially from culture to culture. To me as a Westerner, the criticism of public people (as El Nasche has made himself) through humor is largely sacrosanct. Standards in the Middle East are different; I'm not saying better or worse. But there's no absolute standard. What I can do though is assure you that your objections will be aired.

A couple of issues you raised are mysterious:

However, involving family members, writing things about Hamas and 911 and playing with these malicious innuendos is simply not acceptable.

Hamas came up as a topic of humor and discussion purely because it was a funny error introduced by a computer translation of his biography from Arabic into English, which I cover here. I don't know anything about his family members and I can't imagine what you're referring to by my "involving" them. This Arabic Web page, to which I provided a computer translation did mention a family member or two but I made no comment about it. El naschie certainly had nothing to do with 9/11.

You may be talking about this machine translation of an El Nasche interview:

Have more than one nationality, but in spite of all the Mhaolaty to calm conditions and the kind words and the answers to the questions, a diplomatic way, but that is not an interest rate and, on the contrary, exacerbated the problems and abuse the way that requires the establishment of cases in England, Germany and Egypt «presented against me» to the extent that one of them said I do not hold doctorates in front of reporters in the section of the University of Cairo and the silence was not possible, then was told I did not get the diploma too!! Then I said to Publish Abhathi in the two magazines on the Internet and I had a draft I did bring down the twin towers of America, which occurred in the atheist of September and I studied engineering with Hamas, and this same sentence in which the defamation and stupidity, why .. When I studied engineering in the sixties was not the work of Yasser Arafat's own bodies .. Did not hear about Fatah and Hamas explicitly only recently .. In the smallness of this outrageous, but also I was a friend «Broujed to Bergo» From where I was a friend of Hamas and I know? Indeed, I know her husband, who divorced her husband and was in the seventies, this day have not been born to it and the relationship of these personal things in science? Alhm They also took up my family and my daughters as if the base block means «Side» name «Alnchaii Watch» no control Alnchaii Alnchaii say all the time no news Alnchaii for 24 hours, 2000 pages of insults .. Praise and «I'm a genius, I'm the biggest and one of the best days of Newton and Einstein, and I need a donkey and Mpfhmc».

And then say where I'm just not picking up my diploma and are interested in this interest, which was not interested in any one of the world of scientists, such as the interest in this, and then if I did not get only to the «Art and ?????» and went to where it should take me to put me in the highest positions and Ickramoni and put me in the science of what? Abaqriti to be purely because I had laughed in this way to everyone, but the whole world is much better, but until there is no professor in the University of the state of the world that Ekshffine correctly answer the question and say that I did wrong? This is its scientific journals and forums and not defamation.

The reader wants to know who exactly the culprit and why?

Unfortunately I can not answer this question.

I just don't know what he's talking about.

Anyway, I hope you will join in the discussion here. We'd be happy to have you. And El Naschie.
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  1. There's been plenty of time to at least acknowledge this invitation. My guess is that El Naschie has instructed his supporters not to post here.

  2. I must say that the above response (or should I say plot) from EInfinity Club is far better than some Fleming's novels. :D


  3. I agree, shrink. It's truly fascinating. There is some good information it it. For example, it sounds like El Naschie doesn't want to be T'Hooft's friend anymore. And there are wild misconceptions, like John Baez's being a hired hit man. Not to mention the insanity of thinking several countries are spying on yours truly. Even if it were true, I'm sure it's considered bad form in the world of espionage to tell a person he's being spied upon. Then there's the Said business. El Naschie seems sure he's behind criticism of him. Crazy.

  4. Also, who are Banks and Dawker? I have no idea.

  5. My guess would be that 'Banks' is Tom Banks, an American string theorist and one of the fathers of 'M Theory':

    and 'Dawker' is Fay Dowker, a British theoretical physicist working in the fields of quantum gravity and causal set theory:

    Their fields of interest should fit El Naschie's field, but hey, I'm only guessing!


  6. Thanks Shrink! That makes sense.

  7. Huh, I was right about Fay Dowker but wrong about Tom Banks, see (comment #190):

    Banks is obviously Michael Banks.

    BTW: Fay Dowker is already mentioned in this post of your blog:

    and also in your latest post: