Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jihan Fadel

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There are three brothers.

As I read through the material we have here (and as you should, since we are the permanent repository for stuff redacted elsewhere) I see it mentioned several times that the middle brother, the black sheep of the family, has a starlet stepdaughter. Her name is Jihan Fadel.

Over at and a similar Arabic site,, they are saying mean things about her.

A reader points to this gallery: (Now a dead link.)

In 2008 there was a party at Said's Sixth of October residence. He was not present. But his stepdaughter was, and quite a few Egyptian starlets who must have been friends of hers, and the alcohol is said to have flowed freely, to which stricter Islamic commenters on the SCIAM threads have objected. Meanwhile we know that Mohamed has never touched a drop even during his "revolutionary years".

Though I have never met or talked to (much less been paid by) any of these brothers, as I am constantly accused of, I know whose parties I'd choose an invitation to.

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  1. This is not Jihan Fadel. Jihan Fadel photo is here

  2. One can look at
    and then find photo for Jihan Fadel published in newspaper in the margin of the page. The photo is balck and white.

  3. OK, I'm convinced. My readers are the best in the world. I am putting in pictures of the brunette only.

  4. asdsaddfgrgtgtgt

  5. Not sure what asdsaddfgrgtgtgt means. Perhaps Anonymous (Cairo; found us through Arabic Wikipedia) is tongue-tied by Ms. Fadel's beauty.

  6. I went to

    and tried to post "Jihan Fadel is a delightful, lovely, well-spoken woman. Leave her out of it."

    But comments are moderated and mine has not been permitted so far. :(