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Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Let's consider the evidence as to whether El Naschie was ever made a full professor.

On the plus side, there's his assertion that it's the case on his Web site, which I copied into my graphic after changing from third to first person.

Then there's this from the SCIAM thread:

Bridget Bardot at 02:37 PM on 03/04/09
Now now Mr. An, temper temper. Dont blow your top just because an honest Court in Germany ruled that the Die Zeit article is defamatory lies. Here are the sober facts, if you know what this means. Mr. Drosser claimed that he met Prof. Otto Peitgen. Fact is Prof. Otto Peitgen, the famous fractal scientist has never seen Mr.Drosser. It is a blatant lie. Mr. Drosser said Prof. El Naschie is not a professor. Proof was produced that Prof. El Naschie is a professor. Some certificates from nothing less than University of Stanford, USA signed by Prof. George Herman where produced and so on and so on. This is not the Middle East where you can buy a judge for a modest sum of money. This is Germany, a center of modern civilization where truthfulness prevails at the end. The same will happen in England Mr. An. Besides, when you remember your own real name and address, you may contact us again. Toodleloo.

Not convincing. For one thing it doesn't say full professor, just professor, which can mean any number of things in informal usage. And why allude vaguely to some documents rather than simply saying when and where he was made a full professor?

On the minus side, there's the most recent and detailed CV we have for him:

Curriculum Vitae
Mohamed Salah El Naschie (Al Nashaee)
For more details, see: (El Naschie); see also video link:
( );Who's Who 2000, p.1744; The International Directory of Distinguished Leadership, 1998 p.55; ISI Essential Science
Indicator (http:www.esi-topics/erf04-MohamedElNaschie) and ESI Special Topics,
Date and place of birth 10 October 1943, Cairo, Egypt
Nationality Egyptian
Languages Arabic, German and English (fluent); French & Italian (fair);
knowledge of Slavic and Semitic languages
Marital status Married with two children
• Dipl.Ing. Structural Engineering 1968, Hanover, Germany
• Ph. D. Applied Mechanics 1974, University College, London
• M.I.Ph. Chartered Physicist, Institute of Physics, U.K.
• FinstP Fellow of the Royal Institute of Physics, U.K.
Academic Career
• Research Scientist, University College 1974, London, U.K.
• Associate Professor, KSU 1980, Saudi Arabia
• Distinguished Professor, New Mexico 1981, USA
• Professor, KACST 1985, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
• Director, KACST 1987, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
• Professor, Cornell 1988, Sibley School of Aeronautics & Astronautics, USA
• Professor, Solvay Institute for Physics & Chemistry 1990-2004, Free University of
Brussels, Belgium
• Professor, DAMTP 1991-2002, Cambridge, U.K.
• Professor, School of Electronic Engineering 2000-2004, University of Surrey,
Guildford, U.K.
• Advisor to President of King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
• Institute of Advanced Studies, Frankfurt, Germany
• Member of the Board of Trustees, Institute of Advanced Studies, Frankfurt University,
Frankfurt, Germany
• Distinguished Fellow, Institute of Physics, Frankfurt University, Germany
• Fellow of the Royal Institute of Physics, England, United Kingdom
• Department of Physics, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt
• Distinguished Visiting Professor, University of Shanghai, China
• Dept. of Astrophysics, Faculty of Science, Cairo University
• Department of Physics, Mansoura University, Egypt
1. Founder and Editor in chief of 'The Interdisciplinary Journal of Non-Linear Sciences,
Nano & Quantum Technology' published by Elsevier Sciences.
2. Co-editor-in-chief, International Journal of Nonlinear Science and Numerical
Simulation, published by Freund Publishing House, Ltd.
3. Honorary member in the Editorial Board of The International Journal for E-Infinity and
Complexity Theory in High Energy Physics and Engineering. This Journal is
exclusively dedicated to Prof. El Naschie’s E-Infinity Theory.
4. Member of the Editorial Board of numerous engineering and physics periodicals such
as ZAMM (Journal of Mathematics & Applied Mechanics), Integrated Computer
Aided Design, USA and Journal of the Egyptian Mathematical Society.
5. Honorary Professor in several European, American and Middle Eastern Universities.
6. Appointed in 2003 as a member of the Board of Directors of the Council for
Aeronautics and Space Research, Egypt.
7. Scientific Advisor to various Middle Eastern governments.
8. Appointed by the Egyptian Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research as
the Advisor for Nano-technology and High Energy Physics, Egypt.
9. Chair of the National Nanotechnology Committee, Egypt.
10. Responsible for Egyptian-Chinese scientific relations, Ministry of Higher Education &
Scientific Research, Egypt.
11. Member of the Board of Trustees of the Institute of Advanced Studies, Frankfurt,
12. Member of the British High Energy Group of the Institute of Physics, U.K.
13. Member of the German Physics Society, Frankfurt, Germany.
• More than 500 papers in engineering, applied and theoretical physics. See:
• Published 5 books by international publishers including McGraw Hill (Stress, Stability
& Chaos in Structural Engineering (1990), Pergammon Press and Elsevier (Quantum
Mechanics, Diffusion & Chaotic Fractals (1995)
Representative Publications [Note that none of the three papers claimed to be "representative" appear in Chaos, Solitons and Fractals! ROTFLMAO --Ed]
• Nonlinear isometric bifurcation and shell buckling, Journal of Applied Mathematics &
Mechanics (ZAMM), 57. H6, p. 293- 296(1977).
• Superstrings, Knots & Non-commutative geometry in space (Int. Journal of Theoretical
Physics), vol. 37 no. 12 (1998)
• Topological defects in the symplectic vacuum. Int. J. of Modern Physics
Major research interest
• Nuclear engineering, nonlinear dynamics, nanotechnology and quantum field theories
and spacetime physics
Important contributions
• Geometrical isometric buckling, spatial chaos, Cantorian spacetime physics, transfinite
heterotic string theory, unification of all fundamental forces and the mass spectrum of
high energy physics
• E-Infinity theory. For more information, see link:
Honors & Awards
• Honored for contribution to Science, Abdel Hameed Shoman Foundation, Amman,
Jordan in November 2007.
• Honored in University of Shanghai, China in a celebration titled “Elnaschie Century”
in recognition for his contribution to physics and his discovery of the transfinite
discontinuity of spacetime in his E-Infinity theory.
• Awarded Distinguished Fellow, University of Frankfurt in appreciation for work done
to determine the mass spectrum of elementary particles.
• Award for contribution to Science, Berla Institute, Hyderabad, India, January 2003 (for
extraordinary achievement in atomic sciences).
• Medal of Honor for distinguished service to the Nation presented by the Egyptian
Prime Minister, Dr. Atef Obeid and the Egyptian Parliament Speaker Dr. Fathi Serour.
• Shield of Merit by Faculty of Science from the following Universities:
Cairo, Alexandria, Assiut, Tanta, Kafr El Sheik, Ain Shams, Zagazig, Fayoum,
Egyptian Aerospace Research & Remote Sensing Agency, Egyptian Atomic Agency,
Egyptian Astronomical Society
• Other numerous certificates of merit and awards including a certificate for
distinguished leadership from the USA and Germany
• Nominated and interviewed by Thomson-ISI twice for most cited papers in Physics &
Engineering (See www.esi-topics/erf04-MohamedElNaschie) and http://www.esitopics.
• Selected by Alarabi Magazine, Kuwait as one of 12 most important Arab Scientists in
the last 50 years. see ( ISSN: 0258-3941
Public Lectures
• Lectured in Einstein Institute in 2002, Berlin, Germany
• Lectured in the opening ceremonies of the Saudi Arabian Center for Mathematics and
Theoretical Physics in 2003
• Invited speaker in the Einstein Symposium in Bibliotheca Alexandrina in 2005
• Member in the American Mathematical Society; American Institute of Aeronautics,
GAMM and the Institute of Physics.
• Member of the following Egyptian Societies: Mathematics, Association for Atomic
Energy and Physics Societies.
• Member of the Board of Trustees of the Institute of Advanced Studies, Frankfurt,
• Member of the British High Energy Group of the Institute of Physics and the Royal
Society for Physics, United Kingdom.
• Member of the German Physics Society, Frankfurt, Germany.
• Honorary member of the Egyptian Cultural Club headed by Dr. Abdel Aziz Hegazy,
former prime minister of Egypt.
Classical music, history, painting, Arabic and European literature and skiing.

(end of CV)

The closest he gets to full professor is Associate Professor, KSU 1980, Saudi Arabia. He lists himself as Professor in innumerable places so this is clearly an informal usage. Had he ever been made a full professor you can be sure he'd have listed it here.

As a taunt, I have been inserting into the SCIAM thread from time to time this statement:

El Naschie's claim to have been made a full professor is a lie.


It drives the Naschie Party into paroxysms of impotent rage, but no one provides evidence he was made a full professor.

Finally, it's been more than two months since I asked him when and where he was made a full professor, and it's clear he has no intention of answering.

Here's John Lovitz doing the pathological liar character:

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