Saturday, April 18, 2009

Low hanging fruit

Recent juicy comments from El Naschie backers.

Mohamed Elnaschie is a symbol for all Moslems in the world who represent hope for our youth. That is exactly why you loathe him. He does not need a Nobel Prize from you. [The writer knows I don't personally give out Nobels. So "you" refers to the West and its racist Nobel KKKomittee. --Ed] For us he got many Nobel Prizes particularly because a scum like you hates him. That alone is a living proof that he is a great man. [You have amazingly low standards of proof. --Ed]

Muslims are not murderers like you Mr. Jason. That is the difference between us. Go on spreading your blasphemy. You will see how it will end. [A threat that pretends not to be a threat. --Ed]

Any man who kills a little worm like you Jason, could not be a respectable man. The best punishment for a worm like you is to let it thrive and then rot under the earth. Besides there is nobody called Jason. [It's impossible to get it through these nutballs' heads that I don't use a pseudonym and nobody pays me.] You are a pseudo name paid by John Baez and his colleagues.

Mohamed Elnaschie must be indeed a great man and a great scientist. We all fully support him and we know that his theory is already making major dents in physics. [Kicking dents your rickety, impoverished Egyptian physics is exactly what you're doing. Think of me as an auto body shop trying to help expose a fraud and pound out the dents. --Ed]

We were referred to this site by our colleagues in China who hold the utmost respect for this man. They were dismayed that some people out there have made it their life long [Wow, that's pretty long. --Ed] mission to attack and character assassinate him. We decided to check this man out and we started by reading and researching his scientific work. We have news for you out there! [Great! This is the place for it. --Ed] What we found is amazing. His E-Infinity theory deserves our utmost admiration. For you to understand it, you need to be well versed in mathematics. We scrutinized his mathematics and equations [Wow, even the equations?! --Ed], and the results were amazing. Those who claim it is numerology have no clue about what this man has succeeded in doing. [Thanks for clearing that up. Those like me and the many readers of this blog with math or physics PhDs thought he published nonsense in his own journal to avoid peer review, but I guess we just didn't understand his work because it's so deep it's beyond our feeble understanding. --Ed]

Prof. Mohamed El Naschie has never drunk wine in his life or any kind of alcohol not even in his wild, revolutionary years. [Tell us about those. They sound... wild and revolutionary --Ed] He has never smoked. I am not divulging a secret when I tell you that he does not know how to switch on or off the computer and cannot get onto the internet. He is totally helpless when it comes to the mundane things in life. [That explains his reliance on sock puppets, I guess. --Ed]

should Jason walk in any street in any city in the Arab or Moslem world today and should he be recognized as the one responsible for the nude picture, the mob would tear him to pieces in the street. [Thanks for the warning. In Seattle we behave differently. --Ed]

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