Thursday, April 30, 2009


This is one of the most narrowly-focussed single-issue blogs ever. So narrow indeed that the English language Wikepedia as you may recall booted El Nashie's biography!

To some extent I can take up slack by posting and commenting on the silliness of his sock puppets. Or with gratuitous vulgar provocations, which I am obviously not above.

But I don't want to do just that. This blog has some amazingly good stuff on it like several high-quality archives. I'm looking for more good material. You'll have to excuse a lower rate of posting until I get more. Information is appreciated of course! Tell me whatever you know. One thing I'd really like is his current Surrey address, or whichever one came after 51 Pitt place.

Oh, about the graphic. That's Twiggy. She's certainly the first anorexically skinny supermodel, and arguably the first supermodel in history.
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