Monday, April 27, 2009

Notes. Just plain notes.

About this and that, so I'm not sure what else to call it. I usually try to be more specific.

People want to know where El Naschie accused me of these things, i.e., blaming him for involvement with 9/11/2001 and attacking his wife and daughters. 1. 2. 3.

I also want to mention that the NewScientist thread, which is obviously very closely watched, just had some serious action. It had stabilized at 169. When my recent posts went up, outraged Egyptian Naschie Party dupes sent it to 196. Hahaha. Practically all those comments were deleted by on-the-ball NewScientist moderators. In the unlikely event anyone's got 'em, you know where to send them. Thanks!

Regarding the NewScientist thread, I discover that although some or most of my old comments remain, NewScientist has blocked me from adding new comments. I encourage my readers to register to comment at NewScientist. Don't let the the Naschie Party have it as their private forum.

On another topic completely. I would have posted about this before but I simply could not believe my ears. This is regarding the lovely (although silly in its absolutist interpretation) old Pete Seeger song "where have all the flowers gone" performed with Peter, Paul and Mary. If you go 45 seconds into the YouTube video you'll find that the singer Peter Yarrow, a native English speaker, though evidently a semiliterate one, invents a past participle "have picken". Over and over I listened. In English, "picken" isn't a word. Surely he was saying "have picked them"? No. Listen and judge for yourself. This redounds poorly on the literacy of all the performers, who must have rehearsed together.

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