Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Numbered equations lacking at CSF

A commenter who goes by the name of An on the SCIAM thread notes with contempuous disbelief that the standard format of articles at Chaos, Solitons and Fractals is not to number equations. Are there other math and physics journals where that's standard? In a modern math or physics journal whose content can be expected to consist mostly of equations that's not desireable.

The practice is particularly relevant to El Naschie because he is absurdly fond of referring to his own earlier CSF papers. So of course the references are invariably to entire papers. I think he does this to make it intentionally difficult to follow his disordered train of thought.

I noted that even when citing Witten's work, he preferred pointing to papers of his own. The self-cited papers do not even mention Witten's work in their titles.
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  1. Good news for El Naschie.. All of us might have learned the bad news about the illness of S Hawking and his decision to step down from his post as Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge university. Therefore the post will be free and El Naschie can nominate himself for this position and will of course be the best candidate... Does any one of you know a better candidate? Remember that El Naschie has been a full (fooool) professor for almost 11 years....

    Let us not forget that El Naschie usually confuse between himself and Witten, which makes him a natural candidate to take over S Hawking position!!!!!!

  2. Because he's the greatest scientist since Newton and Einstein, he'd be a perfect fit. :)

  3. In fact he should be a shoe-in for the position. The only way he could not get it is if KKKambridge is full of racists. He's an Arab Muslim named Mohamed. A difficult barrier to overcome. Hopefully not an insuperable one.

    It would certainly put to rest El Naschie Watch's complaints about his falsely claiming full professorship! Go for it, Mohamed. If you get it, this will become a hagiography site overnight.

  4. By the way, at least some articles at CSF have numbered equations: