Thursday, April 30, 2009

't Hooft owes Nobel to El Naschie

As I said, I've been blocked from posting at NewScientist. They have been very fast and aggressive about deleting things. Fortunately some of what remains is hilarious, like this.

Nobel Laureate Gerard Thooft Came To Deterministic Quantum Mechanics After Meeting Mohamed El Naschie

Mon Apr 27 19:44:07 BST 2009 by M. Santa Elia

Dissipative quantum mechanics is not identical but related to deterministic quantum mechanics which was recently suggested by Gerard tHooft. It is the least promising of all the three roads to a fundamental quantum theory namely that of T. Palmer and M. El Naschie. Interestingly tHooft started his research on this topic only after meeting Mohamed El Naschie some fifteen years ago. The work of Renate Loll and Jan Ambjorn is merely a revamp of older work using the modern language of fractals. The work of Palmer on the other hand is genuinely original and what is more important it is correct

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  1. Another interesting claim (dated Nov 2004) from a fan of El Naschie:

    "i want to say something, that a winner of Nobel prize this year said in his word that prof. El. Nashaie deserves the prize more than him!!!"

    When the fan was asked how does he know that, he replied:

    "You can download his lecture from . they are 3 winners, one of them mentioned ELNaschie in his lecture. Download and listen by yourself!"

    And I really wanted to hear/read it by myself. I've downloaded all the three Nobel Lectures (in pdf) from:

    and guess what: the name of El Naschie is not even present in any of the texts. Consequently I find it highly unlikely that any of the three laureates (despite of the fact that two of them--Gross and Wilczek, posed for a photo with El Naschie on one occasion) mentioned him while giving their lectures. But you can also check that, if you have time; by watching the videos of the lectures which are also available.


  2. Wow! Thanks, shrink, I will investigate in detail.

  3. The photo of Gross and Wilzcek with El Naschie was taken at t'Hooft's birthday party. They have said they had absolutely no idea who he was.
    t'Hooft has never said in any forum that El Naschie deserves a Nobel prize.

  4. The quotation you provide does not actually say anything like "'t Hooft owes Nobel to El Naschie". 't Hooft got his Nobel for work he did in the early 1970s on renormalizing Yang-Mills field theories. His interest in deterministic theories of quantum mechanics is much more recent - his earliest paper on the subject seems to date from the early 1990s - and has no connection to his Nobel.

  5. OK, El Naschie's ostensible inspiration of 't Hooft was for other ideas, not the Nobel-winning ideas. Thank you for the correction. But it's still ridiculous.