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My readers are familiar with this over-the-top stuff. It isn't the latest news. But it's so breathtakingly idiotic, it really deserves attention, so I'm putting it here on the front page in the form of a valentine.

The quotes are for the announcement of, essentially, a birthday party in Shanghai for El Naschie.

Space, Time and Beyond

This year is special; it is the "World Year of Physics";
This year is unusual, it is the 60th anniversary of a great Egyptian scientist.

One century ago, Albert Einstein combined space and time into his special relativity, four dimensions were sufficient;
One century later, Mohamed El-Naschie discovered the transfinite discontinuity of space-time in his E-infinity theory where infinity of dimensions were created.

Three hundred years ago, Newton described his world by Universal Timeless space using three-dimensions where time is a mere flying parameter.
Three hundred years later, Mohamed El-Naschie created his Chaos-like quantum world in an infinite dimensional manifold considering space and time to be a random fractal.

The three-dimensional universe of Newton ticks on without a hitch since two hundred years, the four dimensional space-time of Einstein's clock chimes hallelujah in unison for one hundred years and now suddenly the light of the new century of El-Naschie's E-infinity fractal space unfolds before us, which is in fact a sweeping generalization of what Einstein did in his general theory of relativity. The genius of the three men is now forming a concerto which we will enjoy in this new century.

Newton's universe is a God's eye view of the world; it looks the same to every observer, wherever he is and however he travels;

Einstein's clock is a man's eye view of the world, in which what you see and what I see is only relative to one another. Within such a space, Newton's law becomes only approximately true.

By contrast, El-Naschie's space is a fractal eye view, which differs considerably from the spacetime of our sensual experience, and models the world at quantum scales. At such a deep level of observation, Einstein's spacetime must resemble a stormy ocean and his original Riemannian smooth manifold is only an approximation.

Despite of the great success and undeniable brilliance of the standard model of high-energy elementary particles, it is fair to say that it is by no means perfect. Now E-infinity theory has changed the situation radically. El Naschie actually built a bridge between high-energy particle physics on the one side and nonlinear dynamics, complex theory, chaos, and fractals on the other, and he benefits tremendously from this scientific cross-fertilization.

Treading the path of El Naschie, we will gather together in Shanghai, China, to celebrate one of this century's greatest scientists since Newton and Einstein, and share his greatest achievement.

It is the first time a Symposium is held to the honor of an Arabian Scientist in China. Our Chinese Scientists are in infinite love and admiration to both the man and his science. We hope the continuous consolidation and development of scientific cooperation between China and the Middle East will conform to the interests of the two great nations.

Now let's get together around this new Arabian scientific hero, and hear the story of his life recounted and his philosophical enterprise highlighted, seeing El-Naschie's beautiful poetic spacetime, and knowing how and why space and time should be that way at the quantum gravity resolution.

At the present time only 60 particles are experimentally confirmed, while El-Naschie predicts 69 particles, so there are still 9 particles missing. To learn how to discover the basic characters of these hidden particles, we will have a Plenary Lecture by the originator of the theory in the El-Naschie Symposium on Nonlinear Dynamics and Applications which will be held on December 20-21, 2005 in Shanghai, the Peoples Republic of China.

One can certainly comprehend El Naschie's theory without knowledge of Advanced Calculus, which was invented by Newton and Leipnitz. The World created by God must be mathematically perfect and beautiful as well as geometrically simple. In El-Naschie's theory, only simple comibatoric operation leads to marvelous predictions by a special number, which I call, following artists of the Renaissance, the divine number.

God creates the divine number (0.618), and instructed "Let El-Naschie Be", and all hidden particles will begin to shine out brightly.

As I predicted earlier, the experimental verification of El Naschie's theory will certainly lead to a Nobel Prize, which we all expect. It would be a great triumph for non-linear science, chaos and complexity theory as well as our dear Egyptian friend.

Thanks to the divine number, we come together in Shanghai just before 2005's Christmas, to celebrate El Naschie's 60th Birthday and to celebrate 2005's "World Year of Physics".

I anticipate that the El-Naschie Symposium will be a mathematically enriching and socially exciting event and you will be extremely surprised and happy to meet some prominent people from the Middle East and naturally the Far East at this special occasion. In this sense I am inviting all scientists world wide to participate and in particular I am inviting all Middle Eastern Arab, Persian, Israeli and Turkish scientists to come to China to celebrate this unique occasion together as one big family.

For detailed information on El-Naschie Symposium, please contact the Chairman

Dr. Ji-Juan He
College of Science
Donghua University,
Shanghai 200051


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  1. The effects of oil and money are always interesting to see. Especially on people from countries that do have neither much oil nor money.

  2. That could be an explanation. I am thinking in terms of "You scatch my back and I'll scratch yours" between El Naschie and Ji-Juan He. El Naschie gets the awards, plaques, and honorary professorships for which he so hungers. Ji-Juan He and his associates get to publish bad papers not only in their own bad journal, but also in CSF. This would be understood, not stated. Anyway that's my guess.

  3. Even more: Since Naschie is a government advisor, there may be even more in it. Compare the things happening in Frankfurt.

    Naschie got honoured by Greiner and Martienssen, (see the corresponding photo gallery at page 916: ) Soon after that honour, the Saudi Minister for Science and Technology visited Frankfurt:

    According to the pdf, the minister said that the Saudis would be interested in anything scientific and technologic, with the exception of oil-business, where they already know enough.

    In other words: The Frankfurt people should sell their science and technology to the Saudis who will pay the deal with their petro dollars.

    When such deals take place in germany, there is no reason to believe that similar things do not happen in China, which is much more poor than germany.

    Oil and money can sometimes lead to strange behavioral changes in people.

  4. By the way, I think this is the homepage of this Ji-Huan He? or not:

    He even seems to have a blog where he lists his "publications". He seems to publish also in other journals:

    Our group devised some new devices for
    producing nanofibers, such as vibration-electrospinning and megnetio-electrospinning.
    Just few months ago, we mimicked the possible mechanism of spider-spinning, and suggested
    a new method called the bubble-electrospinning for producing nanofibers with
    high-throughput. By the way, I am also interest in biology and high-energy physics, and
    published some papers on allometric scaling and E-infinity theory.

    Is Juan-He behind these sock puppets?
    Apparently he uses the internet much frequently....

  5. Here is a CV of He:

  6. I think the claimed university of He is this:

    But I can't find him listed as a staff member. However, the page maybe outdated or I'm searching at the wrong place.

  7. By the way, someone at Donghua University is monitoring this blog closely. Whether it's Ji-Juan He I cannot say.