Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Victimology 101

One of the comments that didn't get deleted at New Scientist:

Muslims Are Not Welcome In Theoretical Physics
Mon Apr 27 12:25:06 BST 2009 by Ameer

While reasonably welcomed in many branches of science, the general attitude is that Muslims are not welcome in theoretical physics. At least they are not welcome as leaders of the Einstein level nor of course at the Nobel prize level. That is Mohameds misfortune. He must change his name first. There is no way to explain the coordinated attacks against Mohamed except in a racial and religious context. There is no crime which anybody could commit to justify all this unprecedented attacks. Just think about it for a moment: Should all this be only because of publishing some papers? Could it be possible that some ink on paper produces this call for a new holocaust against Muslims?
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1 comment:

  1. Wow. This guy doesn't know where to stop. Besides the fact that "ink on paper" can very well be the reason for conflicts and even wars, this guy doesn't know when enough is enough.
    Trying to use among other things uninformedness, racism and prejudice to explain and justify his own crimes and life failure makes me sad.