Thursday, April 23, 2009

Where El Naschie gets his mail

It's P.O. Box 272 in this post office. I guess he does this so that people can't easily find out his home address.

The post office was fortuitously easy to find: Open Google Earth. Paste in Cobham, Surrey KT11 2FQ, England, U.K. Zoom in to street level and choose a 360 degree lookaround view. The post office is practically right there. It's interesting to do, because it puts the post office in context. You can get other views of it than the one I've shown.

I'm still looking for his house. (I have an old Surrey address of his, not so interesting.)
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  1. I believe that post box offices in UK are compelled to hand out the real adress of their users. Aren't they?

  2. M. A. Helal from Cairo University claims (in his references) that El Naschie is "Professor of theoretical physics":

    "3. Prof. M.S. El Naschie (CPhys FInstP)

    Professor of theoretical physics (P.O. box 272 Cobham, Surrey KT11 2FQ, UK)."


    Although El Naschie speaks of himself as a "Theoretical Physicist and Engineer", he claims to have only a full professorship in Engineering.


  3. I don't know if they have to do that when asked. Any English reader know?

  4. Hi Shrink, I'm not at all convinced by that guy's CV. He publishes tons of papers in CSF and lists El Naschie as a reference, so he's sucking up to him a bit. And El Naschie in his own CV calls himself a professor in many institutions. That's a bit vague but arguably justifiable. Too informal for a CV, in my opinion, but not El Naschie's apparently. What I am questioning is the claim of El Naschie being a full professor of engineering (or full professor of anything else). Actually, even if Helal said it I wouldn't believe it. It's up there on El Naschie's Web site as a throwaway line he thought he could get away with, and he's too embarassed to retract it with all this attention from us. But if it were true there is no way Mr. Nobel Deserving Self Promoter would have omitted it from his recent detailed CV, as he did.

  5. The address of the post office itself is

    Cobham Post Office
    20 Hollyhedge Court
    Hollyhedge Road
    KT11 3DG

    The view I showed is from the Cobham High Street. I think there's a main entrance somewhere else around the building.

  6. Jason,

    it's obvious that Helal is one of those who praise El Naschie, but he is - as far is I know - the only one who calls him "Professor of theoretical physics" ("Professor" is a vague definition not implying full professorship, of course). And that's curious.


    P.S. As can be seen on El Naschie's site he calls himself "Professor of Physics" or "Professor of Astrophysics" on some occasions. It would be interesting to make a list of the titles he's been using.