Friday, April 17, 2009

Where's Howrey when you need them?

I've sent this email to El Naschie's law firm:
(; )

Please advise your client against issuing
death threats to off me Manson style. His sock puppets are astonishingly inept.


El Naschie Watch

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1 comment:

  1. Why do you write this to El Naschie?

    You should write to the admins of the boards where those death threads were made. Just ask them kindly to remove the death threads and ask them for the IP-adress and email of the posters who wrote that crap. If you are really upset about that: there is always the police or you could ask a lawyer who might be able to create some pressure that these internet boards give the IP-adresses of the relevant sockpuppets to you. If you get the IP's then you can sue the responsible person.

    Perhaps they are based in germany and it will come out that they were made by Naschie himself.