Saturday, May 16, 2009

Howrey: pathetic sharks?

They've never answered emails from me. I just sent them a couple more. Have to wait and see, I guess.

I sent them this one:


Who is the appropriate contact for legal matters concerning your client M.S. El Naschie? I ask so that I can avoid spamming your organization worldwide. My blog gets a lot of traffic from Howrey computers, by the way. Thanks!


And then a little later:

Hi again Howrey,

As you have never answered any email from me, and seem inclined to continue forward with that policy, I confess your claim to technical savvy is making me ROTF and LMAO. Surely someone at your law firm understands that it is no more difficult for me to email all of you than it is to email only the correct recipient? I do not want to spam you any more than you want to be spammed. All I want to know is to whom I should write on matters concerning your asshole client, the contemptible liar "full professor" M.S. El Naschie. It is you who I am trying to spare inconvenience, not myself.

Best regards,


Think they'll answer? They never have before. I sent the first one to a good number, and the second to even more:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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  1. Jason, maybe the howreys are not the right address, try this one:

    (a self pronounced "legal advisor" for El Naschie who threatened U.C. Riverside and Baez with legal action)


  2. I like your emails. It is a shame that such a big law firm seems to be unable to act professionally. What a shame really. Maybe they are too busy being proud about their technical and web savvyness that they forgot to check their mails.

  3. I remember her. It bothers me that she has a email addr. Still, maybe I'll write her.

  4. Hehe Martin, I don't think they forgot to check their email. I believe in a company-wide memo they've been told not to write back. They have also made an amateurish attempt to disguise their still very numerous El Naschie Watch pageloads. Everyone must also have got a memo saying not to use Howrey IP addresses when visiting here.