Tuesday, May 19, 2009

If at first you don't succeed

Try, try again.

Ok, here's the email.

Hello, Dr. M.S. El Naschie, Ms. Joan Morris, and Howrey LLC.

I am Jason of the El Naschie Watch blog. This is an open letter I'm posting on my blog, in addition to sending it to you.

I'm sorry for sending this so broadly, but my emails to proper subsets of you have not elicited responses for some reason. They haven't bounced as undeliverable; they just haven't been answered. If there is a person I should be writing to with my inquiries, please do give me his or her contact information. I don't want to send email more broadly than necessary, because nobody likes spam.

I'm very curious (let us not say skeptical) about Dr. El Naschie's full professorship. So curious, indeed, that I can't seem to stop blogging about it! Not knowing what university awarded it, and when, and whether Dr. El Naschie is still a full professor there, affects me like an itch that needs scratching: The more you don't respond, the more I feel compelled to blog about it!

How odd that Dr. El Naschie should be so forthright about having been made a full professor, and yet so reticent about when and where! So impressively facile at basking in the lights of Egyptian television cameras, yet too shy to answer an email! I cannot make heads or tails of it. The itch gets worse and worse.

So please have mercy and tell me and my readers:

  • What university made Dr. El Naschie a full professor of engineering?

  • When?

  • Is Dr. El Naschie still a full professor at that university?

Please do provide documentation or, equally satisfactorily, let me know that you have none.

Thank you so much for your time, pardon me once again lest this be taken as spam, and have a good day. Thank you very much!

Best regards,


Will they answer?
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  1. that is so nice an email you should have your answer by tomorrow. by the way, IF you were him and would not have a full professor - how would you react to such inquiries?

  2. I would retract the full professor claim with a low-key correction, never under any circumstances mentioning that bloggers badgered me into telling the truth. But he's so famous and exalted in Egypt, that may not be an option for him. "great scientist El Naschie not full professor" as a headline would be the beginning of the end. So his only option may be, as he sees it, to continue saying nothing at all.