Thursday, May 21, 2009

OMG, Mo! You totally need this.

Look what you can get for half price on May 27. Unbelievable. You'll use it every day, you know you will. Make use of this excellent software in your research, and you'll soon have the Nobel committee abasing themselves before you, begging forgiveness for having racistly bypassed you for the prize.

Don't say I never did you a favor.
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  1. Wow, where do I get this. I buy two - ah, make that three!

  2. I did some research for the last 28 years, and now I think, maybe the universe is a pendulum and a cart? See here:
    You have to click "show graph" to see all infinite dimensions. The golden mean is in it too of course.

  3. Martin, now I'm going to waste hours playing with springs and pendulums. Damn.

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