Sunday, May 17, 2009

An open letter to Ms. Joan Morris

Howrey's pathetic sharks didn't respond. Let's follow Shrink's advice and try Ms. Morris.

Dear Ms. Joan Morris,

Hi. I am writing this open letter to you in your capacity as legal thug for the ludicrous goofball Mohamed "full professor" El Naschie. Are you a lawyer, a legal assistant, or what? What is the name of the law firm, if any, for which you worked when you sent email to Dr. Elizabeth Lord of the University of California at Riverside complaining about John Baez's n-category cafe blog entry concerning El Naschie? Or were you, rather, working for El Naschie himself, directly?

Ms. Morris, are you a real person -- or merely an El Naschie sock puppet?

Thanks, and best regards,


proprietor of the El Naschie Watch blog

The car is a Morris Minor.
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